Governorates in Kuwait

Kuwait is divided into six governorates. Here is a list of all the governorates in Kuwait:

Governorates in Kuwait

  1. Al Ahmadi
  2. Al Farwaniyah
  3. Al Jahra
  4. Capital
  5. Hawalli
  6. Mubarak Al-Kabeer

Quick Facts

  • Location: Kuwait is a country in Western Asia, situated at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Capital: Kuwait City
  • Official Language: Arabic
  • Population: Approximately 4.3 million (2022)
  • Area: Kuwait covers an area of about 17,818 square kilometers (6,880 square miles).
  • Geography: Kuwait is largely a desert with a coastline along the Arabian Gulf.
  • Government: Kuwait is a constitutional emirate with a parliamentary system.
  • Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)
  • Notable Places: Kuwait is known for the Kuwait Towers, the Grand Mosque, and the Liberation Tower.
  • Official Website:

What is the significance of the Kuwait Towers?

The Kuwait Towers are iconic landmarks in Kuwait City. One of the towers contains a water reservoir, and the other two serve as a restaurant and an observation deck.

What is the climate like in Kuwait?

Kuwait has a desert climate with extremely hot summers and mild winters. Sandstorms are common, especially in the summer months.

Is Kuwait a wealthy country?

Yes, Kuwait is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world, primarily due to its significant oil reserves.

What is the traditional dress in Kuwait?

The traditional dress for Kuwaiti men is the dishdasha, while women often wear an abaya and a headscarf.

Kuwait map
Kuwait map

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