Regions in Somalia

Somalia is divided into 18 regions. Here is a list of all the regions in Somalia:

Regions in Somalia

  1. Awdal
  2. Bakool
  3. Banaadir
  4. Bari
  5. Bay
  6. Galguduud
  7. Gedo
  8. Hiiraan
  9. Middle Juba
  10. Lower Juba
  11. Lower Shebelle
  12. Mudug
  13. Nugaal
  14. Sanaag
  15. Sool
  16. Sool
  17. Togdheer
  18. Woqooyi Galbeed

Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location Located in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Djibouti and Ethiopia to the west, Kenya to the southwest, the Gulf of Aden to the north, and the Indian Ocean to the east
Capital Mogadishu
Official Language Somali and Arabic
Population Approximately 16 million as of 2021 estimate
Area Approximately 637,657 square kilometers (246,201 square miles)
Geography Diverse landscapes including deserts, plateaus, and a long coastline along the Indian Ocean.
Independence From the United Kingdom on July 1, 1960
Government Federal parliamentary republic
Currency Somali shilling (SOS)
Notable Places Lido Beach, Laas Geel, Mogadishu Cathedral
Official Website [Official Government Portal of Somalia](


Somalia map and seal
Somalia map and seal


What is the current political situation in Somalia?

Somalia has been experiencing political challenges and conflict, with ongoing efforts to establish stability and governance.

Are there any tourist attractions in Somalia?

Somalia has historical sites like the ancient cave paintings in Laas Geel, but tourism is limited due to security concerns.

What is the primary source of livelihood for Somalis?

Livestock farming and agriculture are key sources of livelihood in Somalia, with pastoralism being a way of life for many.

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