Regions in Mali

Mali is divided into 10 regions. Here is a list of all the regions in Mali:

Regions in Mali

  • Bamako
  • Gao
  • Kayes
  • Kidal
  • Koulikoro
  • Menaka
  • Mopti
  • Segou
  • Sikasso
  • Taoudeni
  • Timbuktu

Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location West Africa, bordered by Algeria to the north, Niger to the east, Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire to the south, Guinea to the southwest, Senegal and Mauritania to the west
Capital Bamako
Official Language French
Population Approximately 20.3 million as of 2021 estimate
Area Approximately 1,240,192 square kilometers (478,841 square miles)
Geography Landlocked with diverse landscapes, including the Sahara Desert, Niger River, and savannas
Independence From France on September 22, 1960
Government Republic with a semi-presidential system
Currency West African CFA franc (XOF)
Notable Places Timbuktu, Djenne, Dogon Country
Official Website Not available


Is Mali known for its historic city of Timbuktu?

Yes, Mali is famous for the historic city of Timbuktu, which was a center of learning and trade during the Mali Empire.

What is the primary religion in Mali?

Islam is the primary religion in Mali, with a significant Muslim population.

Does Mali have a diverse musical tradition?

Yes, Mali has a rich and diverse musical tradition, and it is known for its musicians and musical festivals.

Mali map and flag
Mali map and flag

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