Regions in Chad

Chad is divided into 23 regions. Here is a list of all the regions:

All Regions in Chad

  1. Batha
  2. Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti
  3. Chari-Baguirmi
  4. Ennedi-Est
  5. Ennedi-Ouest
  6. Guéra
  7. Hadjer-Lamis
  8. Kanem
  9. Lac
  10. Logone Occidental
  11. Logone Oriental
  12. Mandoul
  13. Mayo-Kebbi Est
  14. Mayo-Kebbi Ouest
  15. Moyen-Chari
  16. N’Djamena (Capital)
  17. Ouaddaï
  18. Salamat
  19. Sila
  20. Tandjilé
  21. Tibesti
  22. Tandjilé
  23. Wadi Fira
Chad map and flag
Chad map and flag


Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location Central Africa
Capital N’Djamena
Official Languages French and Arabic
Population Approximately 16 million as of 2021 estimate
Area Approximately 1,284,000 square kilometers (495,755 square miles)
Geography Landlocked with diverse landscapes including the Sahara Desert and Sahel region
Independence From France on August 11, 1960
Government Unitary dominant-party semi-presidential republic
Currency Central African CFA franc (XAF)
Notable Places Ennedi Massif (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Zakouma National Park, Lake Chad
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