Cities, Towns, and Communities in Cross County, Arkansas

Cities, Towns, and Communities in Cross County, Arkansas

Cross County can be found in the eastern part of Arkansas, bordering the Mississippi River, and is in the Delta region. Here’s a list of cities, towns, and communities in Cross County, Arkansas:


  1. Wynne
  2. Parkin
  3. Cherry Valley
  4. Hickory Ridge


  1. Birdeye
  2. Twist

Unincorporated Communities

  1. Vanndale
  2. Wittsburg
  3. Pleasant Hill
  4. Fair Oaks
  5. Levesque
  6. Fortune

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Cross County, Arkansas:

Attribute Information
County Seat Wynne
Founded November 15, 1862
Named After David C. Cross, a Confederate General
Area Approximately 616 square miles
Population Approximately 16,783
Notable People John Grisham (Author), Ed Bethune (Former Congressman)
Notable Places Village Creek State Park, Cross County Museum
Economy Agriculture, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail
History Influence of Railroads, Early Settlements, Civil Rights Era
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What is the county seat of Cross County, Arkansas?

  • Wynne is the county seat of Cross County.

How large is Cross County, Arkansas, in terms of area and population?

  • Cross County, Arkansas, covers an area of approximately 616 square miles and has a population of around 16,783 people.

What cities and towns are in Cross County, Arkansas?

  • The cities and towns in Cross County, Arkansas include Wynne, Parkin, Cherry Valley, Hickory Ridge, Birdeye, and Twist.

Who are some notable individuals associated with Cross County?

  • Notable people connected to Cross County include John Grisham, a famous author, and Ed Bethune, a former congressman.
Cross County, Arkansas map and seal
Cross County, Arkansas map and seal


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