Cities, Towns and Villages in Ashley County, Arkansas

Below is a list of cities, towns, and villages in Ashley County, Arkansas:


  1. Crossett
  2.  Hamburg


  1. Fountain Hill
  2.  Parkdale
  3.  Portland
  4.  Wilmot


In Ashley County, Arkansas, there are no officially designated villages.

Ashley County, Arkansas map and seal
Ashley County, Arkansas map and seal


Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Ashley County, Arkansas:

Category Information
County Seat Hamburg
Founded November 30, 1848
Named After Chester Ashley, U.S. Senator from Arkansas
Area Approximately 939 square miles
Population Approximately 20,281
Main Industries Timber, Agriculture, and Manufacturing
Major Rivers Bayou Bartholomew, Ouachita River
Notable Parks Crossett City Park, Lake Chicot State Park
Popular News Source Ashley County Ledger
Official Website


What cities and towns are in Ashley County, Arkansas?

  • The cities and towns in Ashley County, Arkansas, include: Crossett, Hamburg, Fountain Hill, Parkdale, Portland, Wilmot.

Where is Ashley County, Arkansas located?

  • Ashley County, Arkansas, is located in the southeastern part of the state of Arkansas, United States.

What is Ashley County, Arkansas famous for?

  • Ashley County, Arkansas, is known for its timber and agricultural industries, including timber production and farming. It’s also renowned for its beautiful parks, such as Crossett City Park and Lake Chicot State Park.

What are the notable landmarks in Ashley County, Arkansas?

  • Notable landmarks in Ashley County include Mack’s Prairie Wings and Bayou Bartholomew, a vital river in the region.