Jennette Mccurdy’s Boyfriends

Jennette Mccurdy’s Boyfriends: In today’s article, we will be talking about Jennette Mccurdy’s boyfriends.

Jennette Mccurdy is a popular actress, a singer, a podcast host, and a producer in the United States.

She was born on June 26, 1992. She has won numerous awards, including four Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

“So Close” was Mccurdy’s first single, and it was released independently in 2009. Her first EP, titled simply “Not That Far Away,” was published in 2010.

Both her EP and album used the name “Jennette,” and both came out in the same year.

Her song “Generation Love” peaked at #44 on the country music chart on the Billboard Hot 100. 


 Jennette was raised in the Latter-day Saint faith by diligent and committed parents. She and her three elder brothers were homeschooled by their mother, Debra (LaBeaf) McCurdy. Mark McCurdy, who was a surrogate father to Debra’s children, held down two jobs. McCurdy discovered after Debra’s passing that she was not his biological child. Her zodiac is cancer. She is 30 years of age

Jennette McCurdy’s Dating History

Her history of romantic relationships is limited, and she has been accused of infidelity only a handful of times. Here is a complete list of Jennette McCurdy’s exes. Not all predicted connections were verified upon further investigation, although quite a number were. On the other hand, she seems single as of June 23, 2023.

Graham Patrick Martin(2004-2008)

McCurdy and Graham were rumored to be dating between 2004 and 2008, but neither man nor the woman has come forward to confirm or deny the rumors. They began dating during their senior year of high school. After the breakup in 2009,  Graham made an appearance on iCarly.

Max Ehrich (2010)

There were allegations in 2010 that Jennette was dating Max Ehrich, an ex-boyfriend of Demi Lovato. Max stars in American Princess, which has cameos by the actors from the movies Southern Gospel and Stacked Against You. Later in 2016, the actress confirmed what Max had tweeted in 2016: that they were only pals.

Andre Drummond (2013–2014)

After meeting each other online, the NBA player began dating Jennette McCurdy. They finally committed to each other in 2013. Their unusual pairing surprised their followers when they learned of their history together. Jennette said in March of 2014, when asked about their relationship, that it had been “like a week.” 2015-2016 

Jesse Carere(2015/2016) 

Nickelodeon star Jesse Carere reportedly has a boyfriend. The two actors began dating after they were both cast in the 2015 and 2016 seasons of the Netflix science fiction series. In an interview, Jennette talked about her romance with Jesse. In 2016, Jennette’s passionate fanbase was surprised to see that she had deleted all of their photos from her Instagram account. 

Paul Glaser

An expert evaluator, During his time as iCarly’s script manager, Paul Glaser dated the show’s star. Jennette McCurdy wrote in her autobiography, I’m thrilled My Mom Died, that she and Paul Glaser had dated and separated before her mother died of cancer. She is currently single and not dating anyone.

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