Cities, Towns and Villages in Baxter County, Arkansas

Here is a list of all the cities, towns, and villages in Baxter County, Arkansas:


  1. Mountain Home
  2. Briancliff
  3. Gassville
  4. Norfork
  5. Cotter
  6. Salesville
  7. Lakeview


  1. Big Flat
  2. Buford
  3. Bayou Township
  4. Lone Rock
  5. Clarkridge
  6. Henderson


Baxter County, Arkansas, has no officially designated villages.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Baxter County, Arkansas:

Attribute Information
County Seat Mountain Home
Founded March 24, 1873
Named After Elisha Baxter, the 10th Governor of Arkansas
Area Approximately 554 square miles
Population Approximately 41,654
Major Rivers White River, North Fork River
Notable Lakes Norfork Lake, Bull Shoals Lake
Notable Places Bull Shoals Caverns, Jacob Wolf House, Big Creek Golf and Country Club
Main Highways U.S. Route 62, U.S. Route 412, U.S. Route 178
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Where is Baxter County, Arkansas located?

  • Baxter County is situated in the north-central region of the state of Arkansas, in the United States.

What is the largest city in Baxter County, Arkansas?

  • Mountain Home is the largest city in Baxter County, Arkansas. It covers an area of approximately 11.32 square miles.

What are the major rivers in Baxter County, Arkansas?

  • The White River and the North Fork River are two significant rivers that cross Baxter County, Arkansas.

Can I find outdoor recreational activities in Baxter County, Arkansas?

  • Yes, Baxter County offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including fishing, boating, hiking, and exploring its beautiful natural surroundings.
Baxter County, Arkansas map
Baxter County, Arkansas map