How to Duet a Tiktok: Create Split Screen Videos

Here’s how to create a split-screen duet video on TikTok:

Finding a video to Duet

  1. Open the TikTok app and browse through videos until you find one you want to react to or collaborate with.

Initiating the Duet

  1. Tap the Share button (arrow pointing to the right) on the video’s side panel.
  2. In the share menu, tap the Duet option.

Recording your side

  1. Choose your desired layout from the options on the right panel (e.g., left and right, top and bottom, react, etc.).
  2. Press the red Record button to start recording your video alongside the original one.
  3. You can use various tools like speed adjustment, filters, and effects to enhance your recording.
  4. Tap the checkmark once you’re happy with your recording.

Editing and posting

  1. Add text, stickers, or other effects to your video.
  2. Write a catchy caption and choose a cover image for your Duet.
  3. Adjust privacy settings if needed.
  4. Tap Post to share your Duet with the world!


  • Not all videos allow Duets. If the “Duet” option is grayed out, the creator has disabled it for their video.
  • You can Duet your own videos too! This can be a fun way to react to past content or provide updates.
  • Be respectful of the original creator and their content.
  • Get creative with your reaction, collaboration, or story!



Duetting paves the way for fascinating new avenues of creative cooperation and self-expression, regardless of which app you choose to use, TikTok or ApowerShow.

Go ahead and start duetting with your favorite stars or showcasing your skill alongside friends, and allow the TikTok community to be delighted by the amazing split-screen films you create.


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