Cities, Towns, and Villages in Arkansas County, Arkansas

Below is a comprehensive list of cities, towns, and villages in Arkansas County, Arkansas:


  1. Almyra
  2. De Witt
  3. Gillett
  4.  Humnoke
  5.  Humphrey
  6. Reydell
  7. St. Charles
  8.  Stuttgart
  9.  Tichnor


  1. Casscoe
  2.  Crocketts Bluff


Arkansas County does not have any officially designated villages.

Arkansas County, Arkansas map and seal
Arkansas County, Arkansas map and seal


Quick Facts

Category Information
County Seat De Witt(Southern District) Stuttgart(Northern District)
Founded November 1, 1813
Named After The Arkansas River
Area Approximately 1,034 square miles
Population Approximately 17,657
Main Industries Agriculture, Farming
Major River Arkansas River
Notable Landmarks Mack’s Prairie Wings, Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area


What cities and towns are in Arkansas County, Arkansas?

  • The cities and towns in Arkansas County, Arkansas, includes: Stuttgart, De Witt, Humnoke, Almyra, Humphrey, St. Charles, Gillett,Tichnor,  Reydell, Casscoe, and Crocketts Bluff.

What is Arkansas County Arkansas famous for?

  • Arkansas County, Arkansas, is renowned for its thriving agriculture, duck hunting traditions, and its role as a hub for rice production.

How big is Arkansas County Arkansas?

  • Arkansas County, Arkansas, covers an area of approximately 1,034 square miles (2,678 square kilometers).

What is the largest city in Arkansas County Arkansas?

  • Stuttgart is the largest town in Arkansas County, Arkansas. It serves as the county seat for the northern district and is the most populous community in the county.