Cities, Towns and Communities in Cass County, Indiana

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, and communities in Cass County, Indiana

Cities and Towns

  1. Galveston
  2. Logansport (county seat)
  3. Walton

Communities (Unincorporated Areas)

  1. Adamsboro
  2. Anoka
  3. Clymers
  4. Dunkirk
  5. Grissom Air Reserve Base
  6. Lake Cicott
  7. Lewisburg
  8. Lucerne
  9. New Waverly
  10. Onward
  11. Royal Center

Quick Facts

  • Location: Cass County is situated in the north-central part of the state of Indiana.
  • County Seat: The county seat of Cass County is Logansport.
  • Population: As of my last update in 2022, the estimated population was around 37,000 residents.
  • Area: The county covers an area of approximately 412 square miles.
  • Geography: The terrain is mostly flat with fertile farmland, but it also features river valleys, including the Wabash River, which borders the county’s western side.
  • Notable Places:
  • Logansport: The largest city and county seat, known for its history and cultural attractions, including the Dentzel Carousel at Riverside Park.
  • Grissom Air Reserve Base: A significant military installation located in Cass County
  • Economy: Historically rooted in agriculture, with corn and soybeans being major crops. Diversification has occurred, and manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors also contribute to the local economy.
  • Education: Schools in Cass County are served by multiple school districts, including Logansport Community School Corporation and Pioneer Regional School Corporation. There are opportunities for higher education through nearby colleges and universities.
  • History: Named after General Lewis Cass, a prominent political figure in the 19th century. The area has a rich history tied to the Wabash and Erie Canal and played a role in the development of transportation routes.
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What is Cass County, Indiana famous for?

  • Historical Significance: It played a significant role in the development of transportation networks, particularly with the Wabash and Erie Canal, which brought economic growth to the region in the 19th century.
  • Grissom Air Reserve Base: The presence of this military installation contributes to the county’s identity and economic stability.
  • Logansport’s Dentzel Carousel: The Dentzel Carousel located at Riverside Park in Logansport is a historic and cherished attraction, drawing visitors and locals alike.
  • Agricultural Heritage: Cass County has a history deeply rooted in agriculture, especially the production of corn and soybeans.
  • Cultural and Historical Significance: The county boasts a rich cultural history with landmarks, museums, and sites commemorating its past, making it an appealing destination for history enthusiasts.

How big is Cass County, Indiana?

Cass County, Indiana, covers an area of approximately 412 square miles.

What is the largest town in Cass County, Indiana?

The largest town in Cass County, Indiana, is Logansport, which also serves as the county seat.

Cass County, Indiana map
Cass County, Indiana map

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