Cities, Towns and Communities in Adams County, Indiana

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, and unincorporated communities in Adams County, Indiana


  1. Decatur


  1. Berne
  2. Geneva
  3. Monroe

Unincorporated Communities

  1. Ceylon
  2. Coppess Corner
  3. Cuba
  4. Honduras
  5. Linn Grove
  6. Magley
  7. Peterson
  8. Preble
  9. Tocsin
  10. Wabash (partly in Wabash County)

Quick Facts

  • Location: Adams County is situated in the northeastern part of the state of Indiana, in the Midwestern region of the United States
  • County Seat: The county seat of Adams County is Decatur
  • Geography: The county features a mix of rural landscapes, agricultural areas, and small communities. It’s known for its farmland and gentle rolling terrain
  • Notable Places: Some notable places in Adams County include Decatur Sculpture Tour, Berne Heritage Days, Adams County Historical Museum, and the Swiss Heritage Village & Museum
  • Economy: Agriculture, manufacturing, and small businesses contribute significantly to the county’s economy. It’s known for its farming activities, including corn, soybeans, and livestock
  • Education: The county is served by several public school districts, offering primary and secondary education. Additionally, there are educational institutions such as South Adams Schools and Adams Central Community Schools
  • History: Adams County was established in 1836 and named in honor of John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States. It has a rich history tied to agriculture and German and Swiss settlement
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What is Adams County Indiana famous for?

  • Agricultural Heritage: The county has a rich agricultural history, known for its fertile farmlands and productive farming practices. Corn, soybeans, and livestock are prominent agricultural products.
  • Swiss and German Influence: The area has a significant heritage linked to Swiss and German settlers, which is reflected in its culture, traditions, and some local festivals.
  • Rural Landscape: Adams County is characterized by its rural landscapes, small communities, and a slower-paced lifestyle, appealing to those seeking a more serene environment.
  • Cultural Events: The county hosts various cultural events and festivals celebrating its heritage, such as the Berne Swiss Days and other community gatherings that showcase local traditions and crafts.
  • Decatur Sculpture Tour: The county is recognized for its Decatur Sculpture Tour, an annual event featuring a collection of outdoor sculptures displayed throughout the city, enhancing its artistic appeal.

How big is Adams County Indiana?

Adams County, Indiana, spans an area of approximately 339 square miles (879 square kilometers).

What is the largest town in Adams County Indiana?

The largest town in Adams County, Indiana, is Decatur.

Adams County, Indiana map
Adams County, Indiana map