Cities, Towns and Communities in Benton County, Indiana

Here is a complete list of towns, and unincorporated communities in Benton County, Indiana


There are no cities in Benton County, Indiana.


  1. Boswell
  2. Fowler
  3. Oxford
  4. Ambia
  5. Otterbein
  6. Earl Park
  7. Freeland Park
  8. Petersburg

Communities (Unincorporated Areas)

  1. Atkinson
  2. Dunns Bridge
  3. Foresman
  4. Montmorenci

Quick Facts

  • Location: Benton County is located in the northwestern part of the state of Indiana, USA.
  • County Seat: The county seat of Benton County is Fowler.
  • Population: As of the last available data, Benton County had a population of around 8,800 residents.
  • Area: The total area of Benton County is approximately 406 square miles.
  • Geography: Benton County is characterized by a mix of rural landscapes, agricultural areas, and small towns. It lies within the region known for its fertile farmlands.
  • Notable Places: Fowler is home to the Benton County Wind Farm, a significant renewable energy project in the area. Parks like Fowler Park offer recreational activities and natural spaces for residents and visitors.
  • Economy: Agriculture plays a vital role in Benton County’s economy, with corn, soybeans, and livestock being significant agricultural products. Besides agriculture, there might be some industrial and commercial activities, but the area predominantly thrives on farming-related industries.
  • Education: Benton County is served by its own school corporation, providing educational services to the local communities. Specific schools within the county contribute to the education of the residents.
  • History: Benton County was named after Thomas Hart Benton, a U.S. Senator from Missouri, and it was officially established in 1840. The area has a history tied to agriculture and the development of small rural communities.
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What is Benton County, Indiana famous for?

  • Agricultural Hub: The county is renowned for its fertile farmlands, producing significant amounts of corn, soybeans, and other agricultural products. Farming and agriculture play a vital role in the county’s economy and cultural identity.
  • Benton County Wind Farm: It houses a notable wind farm in the town of Fowler, contributing to renewable energy initiatives in the area. The wind farm is recognized for its contribution to sustainable energy production.
  • Small-Town Charm: Benton County embodies the essence of small-town America, with close-knit communities and a slower-paced rural lifestyle.
  • Natural Beauty: The area showcases natural beauty with its countryside landscapes, offering picturesque views, especially during the changing seasons.

How big is Benton County, Indiana?

Benton County, Indiana, covers an area of approximately 406 square miles.

What is the largest town in Benton County, Indiana?

Among the towns in Benton County, Indiana, Fowler is typically considered the largest in terms of population and area.

Benton County, Indiana map
Benton County, Indiana map

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