Cities and Towns in Kennebec County, Maine

Here is a complete list of cities and towns in Kennebec County, Maine


  1. Augusta
  2. Gardiner
  3. Hallowell
  4. Waterville


  1. Albion
  2. Belgrade
  3. Benton
  4. Chelsea
  5. China
  6. Clinton
  7. Farmingdale
  8. Fayette
  9. Litchfield
  10. Manchester
  11. Monmouth
  12. Mount Vernon
  13. Oakland
  14. Pittston
  15. Randolph
  16. Readfield
  17. Rome
  18. Sidney
  19. Vassalboro
  20. Vienna
  21. Wayne
  22. West Gardiner
  23. Windsor
  24. Winslow
  25. Winthrop


Kennebec County, Maine, does not have any recognized villages. It is primarily composed of cities, towns, and unorganized territories.

Quick Facts

Kennebec County is in the state of Maine, USA. The county seat is Augusta, which is also the state capital. Here are some quick facts about Kennebec County:

Category Quick Facts
Population As of the 2020 census, the population was approximately 121,164 residents
Area Covers an area of about 951 square miles (2,463 square kilometers)
Geography The county is characterized by its diverse landscape, which includes rivers, lakes, and rolling hills.
Notable Places Maine State House, the Maine State Museum, the Capitol Park, the Vaughan Woods State Park, and the Fort Western historic site.
Economy Diverse economy with industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, agriculture, tourism and government services.
Education School districts and institutions of higher education, including the University of Maine at Augusta and Thomas College
History Rich history, with indigenous peoples having inhabited the region for thousands of years. European settlers arrived in the early 17th century.
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What is Kennebec County Maine famous for?

  • Historical Significance: Kennebec County has a rich history, with its early settlement dating back to the 1600s. The region played a significant role in the development of Maine, particularly in the realms of trade, industry, and government.
  • Capital City: The county seat, Augusta, serves as the state capital of Maine, making Kennebec County a hub for government activities, administration, and political affairs within the state.
  • Scenic Beauty: The county is characterized by its picturesque landscapes, including the flowing Kennebec River, numerous lakes, and rolling hills, which attract outdoor enthusiasts and tourists seeking recreational activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and camping.
  • Cultural and Historical Sites: Kennebec County is home to various cultural and historical landmarks, such as the Maine State House, the Maine State Museum, Fort Western, and the Vaughan Woods State Park, which offer insights into the region’s past and present.
  • Education Hub: With institutions such as the University of Maine at Augusta and Thomas College, Kennebec County is recognized as an education hub within the state, providing diverse educational opportunities for residents and attracting students from across the region.

How big is Kennebec County Maine?

Kennebec County, Maine, covers an area of approximately 951 square miles (2,463 square kilometers).

What is the largest town in Kennebec County Maine?

The largest town in Kennebec County, Maine, is Waterville.

Kennebec County, Maine Map
Kennebec County, Maine Map


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