Cities, Towns, Villages and Places in Clinch County, Georgia

Full List of Cities, Towns, Villages and Places in Clinch County, Georgia

Nestled in the southeastern part of Georgia, Clinch County offers a serene and rural escape characterized by its natural beauty, historical roots, and a tight-knit community.

Established in 1850 and named after Duncan Lamont Clinch, a military and political figure, the county has preserved its southern charm over the years.

Full List of Cities, Towns, Villages, and Places in Clinch County, Georgia:


  • Homerville
  • Argyle
  • Du Pont
  • Fargo


  • Codgell
  • Ernest
  • Council
  • Chauncey
  • Magnolia


  • Midway
  • Jamestown
  • Paletree
  • Gillicon


  • Mexico Crossing
  • Sirmans
  • Vickers Crossing
  • Spooner


Quick Facts about Clinch County, Georgia:

  • County Seat: Homerville
  • Founded: Clinch County was created on February 14, 1850.
  • Named After: Duncan Lamont Clinch, a prominent figure in the state’s history.
  • Area: Clinch County has a total area of approximately 824 square miles.
  • Population: The population of Clinch County is around .6,749
  • Geography: Located in southeast Georgia, Homerville is the largest city and the county seat.
  • Economy: Historically, the county’s economy was based on agriculture, including timber and turpentine. Today, agriculture, forestry, and manufacturing play roles.
  • Education: Clinch County is served by the Clinch County School District.
  • Official Website:


What is Clinch County known for?

  • We are home to a wide variety of industries, including timber, blueberries, and honeybees. Manufacturing continues to be our largest employer. We invite you to visit our friendly community where hospitality is one of our many trademarks!

What is the county seat of Clinch County Georgia?

  • Clinch County is a county in Georgia. The county population is 6,749, according to the United States Census Bureau. The county seat is Homerville.

Who is Clinch County named after?

  • The county was named for Duncan Lamont Clinch, a veteran of the War of 1812 (1812-15) and later a Georgia congressman who was defeated in the 1847 gubernatorial campaign in 7th April 2006.

What county is Homerville GA?

Homerville is a city and the county seat of Clinch County, Georgia, United States.
Clinch County, Georgia Map
Clinch County, Georgia Map

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