Cities, Towns and Villages in Butts County, Georgia

Full List of Cities, Towns and Villages in Butts County, Georgia

Located in the heart of Georgia, Butts County stands as a picturesque blend of rural charm, historic significance, and community warmth.

With the county seat in Jackson, this area boasts a timeless appeal, characterized by rolling landscapes, historic landmarks, and a close-knit community.

List of Cities, Towns, and Villages in Butts County, Georgia:


  1. Jackson
  2. Flovilla
  3. Jenkinsburg


  1. Cork
  2. Fincherville
  3. Indian Springs
  4. Iron Springs Crossroads


  1. McMichael Crossroads
  2. Pepperton
  3. Sandy
  4. Stark


Quick Facts about Butts County, Georgia:

  • County Seat: Jackson
  • Founded: Butts County was established on December 24, 1825.
  • Named After: Samuel Butts, a militia general during the Creek War.
  • Area: Butts County has a total area of approximately 189 square miles.
  • Population: The population of Butts County was around 25,968 (as of the last census).
  • Geography: Located in west-central Georgia, Jackson is the largest city and the county seat.
  • Economy: The county’s economy historically relied on agriculture, but it has diversified, with manufacturing and services playing significant roles.
  • Historical Heritage: Butts County carries a rich historical legacy, dating back to its establishment in 1825. The county’s history is intertwined with the early development of Georgia, featuring antebellum homes, historic districts, and landmarks that offer a glimpse into its storied past.
  • Education: Butts County is served by the Butts County School District.
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What is the county seat of Butts County, Georgia?

  • The county seat of Butts County is Jackson.

 When was Butts County established?

  • Butts County was established on December 24, 1825.

 What is Butts County known for?

  • Butts County is known for its historical heritage, agricultural roots, and small-town charm. The county has a rich history, featuring antebellum homes and landmarks. Agriculture, including the cultivation of crops like cotton and peanuts, has been a significant part of the county’s identity.

 What outdoor activities are available in Butts County?

  • Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as fishing, hiking, and canoeing, particularly along the Towaliga River that runs through the county.

 Are there any annual events or festivals in Butts County?

  • Yes, Butts County hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating the community’s culture and heritage. Specific details may vary, so it’s recommended to check local event calendars for the latest information.
Butts County, Georgia map
Butts County, Georgia map