Cities, Towns and Villages in Burke County, Georgia

Complete List of Cities, Towns and Villages in Burke County, Georgia

Located in east-central Georgia, Burke County unfolds as a region steeped in Southern charm, historical significance, and a deep connection to its agrarian roots.

This region, which has Waynesboro as its county seat, is notable for its picturesque landscapes, which embrace a harmonious blend of rolling farmlands and pockets of woodland.

A Complete List of Cities, Towns, and Villages in Burke County, Georgia:


  1. Waynesboro
  2. Gough
  3. Midville
  4. Sardis
  5. Vidette


  1. Girard
  2. Keysville
  3. Hancock Landing
  4. Old Sardis


  1. Rosier
  2. Munnerlyn
  3. Idlewood
  4. Magruder

Quick Facts

  • County Seat: Waynesboro
  • Founded: Burke County was established on February 5, 1777, making it one of Georgia’s original counties.
  • Named After: Edmund Burke, a prominent Irish statesman and philosopher.
  • Area: Burke County has a total area of approximately 835 square miles.
  • Population: The population of Burke County is around 24,310 (as of the last census).
  • Geography: Located in east-central Georgia, Waynesboro is the largest city and the county seat.
  • Economy: Historically, agriculture has played a significant role in the county’s economy, with cotton, timber, and livestock being major contributors.
  • Education: Burke County is served by the Burke County School District.
  • Official Website:

What is the county seat of Burke County Georgia?

  • The City of Waynesboro is the county seat of Burke County, which is one of the eight original counties in Georgia.

What is Burke County GA known for?

  • One of Georgia’s eight original counties established in 1777, Burke County is full of history. Antebellum houses blend with Victorian cottages and mix with modern homes to create a continuity that defines history itself.

Is Burke County the biggest county in GA?

  • It is the second-largest county by area in Georgia. The southern half of Burke County, defined by a line running along State Route 80 to Waynesboro, then southeast to east of Perkins, is located in the Upper Ogeechee River sub-basin of the Ogeechee River basin.

What is the slogan for Burke County?

  • Burke County: “All About Advancing.”

What is the history of Burke County Georgia?

  • This county was laid out as St. George’s Parish in 1758, and the name changed to Burke, in honour of Edmund Burke, the great champion of American liberty, in 1777. In 1793, a part was added to Screven; and in 1798, a part to Jefferson. Length, 32 1/2 miles; breadth, 32 miles.
Burke County, Georgia map
Burke County, Georgia map