Cities, Towns and Villages in Haines Borough, Alaska

Haines Borough, located in the southeastern region of Alaska, is a culturally rich community known for its stunning natural landscapes, coastal beauty, and a strong connection to indigenous heritage.

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, and villages in Haines Borough, Alaska:


  1. Haines
  2. Sinapalo
  3. Songsong
  4. Annex F
  5. Tenetu
  6. I chenchon
  7. Liyu
  8. Ginalangan (CHUDAN)


  1. Haines
  2. Lutak
  3. Mosquito Lake
  4. Mud Bay
  5. Excursion Inlet
  6. Covenant Life

Villages in Haines Borough

  1. Anchorage Alaska
  2. Haines Highway
  3. Flood Zone
  4. Haines Junction

Here is a table of quick facts about Haines Borough, Alaska:

Attribute Information
Location Southeastern Alaska, along the Lynn Canal
Area Approximately 2,237 square miles (5,800 sq. km)
Administrative Center Haines
Scenic Beauty Stunning coastal and mountain landscapes
Cultural Heritage Strong influence of indigenous Tlingit culture
Outdoor Activities Hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, and more
Transportation Marine highway, Haines Highway, and Haines Airport
Tourist Attractions Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and Fort Seward Historic Site
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What is Haines Alaska known for?

  • Natural Beauty, Outdoor Adventures, Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, Cultural Heritage, Historical Sites, Adventure Tourism, Arts and Culture, Film Industry, Ferry Terminal, Annual Events, Fishing, and Glacier Viewing.

Is Haines in Alaska or Canada?

  • Haines is a town located in the U.S. state of Alaska. It is situated in the southeastern region of Alaska, along the Lynn Canal. Haines is not in Canada; it is within the United States, specifically in the state of Alaska. The town of Haines is known for its stunning natural landscapes, coastal beauty, and a strong connection to indigenous Tlingit culture.

What tribe is Haines Alaska?

  • The town of Haines, Alaska, is situated in a region with a strong connection to the indigenous Tlingit culture. The Tlingit people are the predominant indigenous tribe in this area. The Tlingit are known for their rich cultural heritage, art, traditions, and their historical presence in the coastal regions of Southeast Alaska. Visitors to Haines can often experience and learn about Tlingit culture, art, and history, as it plays a significant role in the community’s identity and heritage.

What is the capital of Alaska Canada?

  • There is no capital of “Alaska Canada” because there is no entity or administrative division known as “Alaska Canada.” Alaska is a U.S. state, and its capital is Juneau. It is not part of Canada. Canada, on the other hand, is a separate country with its own provinces and territories, but Alaska is not one of them. Alaska is part of the United States. The closest Canadian province to Alaska is Yukon, and its capital is Whitehorse.
Haines Borough, Alaska map
Haines Borough, Alaska map