Cities, Towns and Villages in Bethel Census Area, Alaska

The Bethel Census Area, located in southwestern Alaska, is a region defined by its vast landscapes, rich indigenous heritage, and unique blend of culture and nature. Nestled along the Kuskokwim River, this area is characterized by remote wilderness, picturesque villages, and a strong connection to the land and traditional ways of life. With its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and a deep appreciation for the cultural traditions of the Yup’ik and Cup’ik peoples, the Bethel Census Area is a remarkable part of Alaska that offers visitors an authentic and immersive experience at the crossroads of history and the pristine wilderness.

Below is a list of cities, towns and villages in Bethel Census Area


  1. Bethel
  2. Aniak
  3. Chevak
  4. Emmonak
  5. Kwethluk
  6. Napaskiak
  7. Toksook Bay


  1. Bethel
  2. Aniak
  3. Chevak
  4. Emmonak
  5. Kwethluk
  6. Napaskiak
  7. Toksook Bay
  8. Tuntutuliak
  9. Kasigluk
  10. Mekoryuk
  11. Kwigillingok
  12. Kongiganak


  1. Akiak
  2. Akiachak
  3. Atmautluak
  4. Bethel
  5. Chefornak
  6. Chevak
  7. Chuathbaluk
  8. Eek
  9. Emmonak
  10. Goodnews Bay
  11. Kalskag
  12. Kasigluk
  13. Kipnuk
  14. Kongiganak
  15. Kotlik
  16. Kwethluk
  17. Kwigillingok
  18. Marshall
  19. Mekoryuk
  20. Napakiak
  21. Napaskiak
  22. Nunapitchuk
  23. Platinum
  24. Quinhagak
  25. Red Devil
  26. Sleetmute
  27. Stony River
  28. Togiak
  29. Toksook Bay
  30. Tuluksak
  31. Tuntutuliak
  32. Upper Kalskag
  33. Wade Hampton
  34. Yup’ik Eskimo Village

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about Bethel Census Area, Alaska:

Attribute Information
Location Southwestern Alaska, along the Kuskokwim River
Area Approximately 45,504 square miles (117,738 sq. km)
Administrative Center Bethel
Indigenous Heritage Predominantly Yup’ik and Cup’ik Eskimo
Economy Subsistence activities, fishing, and cultural preservation
Geography Coastal, riverine, and tundra landscapes
Notable Villages Numerous villages and communities with strong cultural ties
Cultural Traditions Rich indigenous traditions and cultural practices
Wildlife and Nature Diverse ecosystems, birdwatching, and outdoor recreational opportunities
Access Limited road access, transportation primarily by air and water
Remote Wilderness Offers a sense of unspoiled and remote natural beauty

What cities and towns are in Bethel Census Area?

  • The cities and towns that make up Bethel Census area Bethel include Aniak, Chevak,  Emmonak, Kwethluk, Napaskiak, Toksook Bay, Tuntutuliak, Kasigluk, Mekoryuk, Kwigillingok, and Kongiganak.

What is Bethel Census Area Famous for?

  • Bethel Census Area is famous for its indigenous Culture, Remote Wilderness, Subsistence Lifestyle, Cultural Celebrations, Wildlife and Birdwatching, Scenic Beauty, Historical Significance, Salmon Fishing, and overall, the Bethel Census Area is famous for its deep connection to indigenous culture, remote and untouched wilderness, and the opportunity to experience the rich traditions and natural beauty of Alaska.

How big is Bethel Census Area?

  • The Bethel Census Area in Alaska covers a vast area of approximately 45,504 square miles (117,738 square kilometers). It is one of the larger census areas in the state, known for its extensive and largely undeveloped wilderness, including tundra, rivers, and coastal regions. Despite its considerable size, the population in the Bethel Census Area is relatively small due to its remote and isolated nature.

What is the largest town in Bethel Census Area?

  • The largest town in the Bethel Census Area is Bethel. Bethel serves as the administrative center and is the most populous community in the census area. It is a hub for services, transportation, commerce, and cultural activities in the region. Bethel is located on the Kuskokwim River and is a significant community in southwestern Alaska.
Bethel Census Area, Alaska map
Bethel Census Area, Alaska map