Cities, Towns and Villages in Dillingham Census Area, Alaska

Dillingham Census Area, located in southwestern Alaska, is a region celebrated for its pristine wilderness, abundant fisheries, and vibrant indigenous cultures.

Below are lists of cities, towns, and villages in Dillingham Census Area, Alaska:


  • Aleknagik
  • New Stuyahok
  • Manokotak
  • Togiak
  • Ekwok
  • Clark’s Point
  • Koliganek
  • Portage Creek
  • Ekuk
  • Twin Hills


  • Lily Pond
  • Wood River mouth

Villages in Dillingham Census Area

  • Manokotak
  • Nelsonville

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about Dillingham Census Area, Alaska:

Attribute Information
Location Southwest Alaska, along the Bering Sea
Area Approximately 20,571 square miles (53,286 sq. km)
Administrative Center Dillingham
Economy Predominantly based on commercial and subsistence fishing
Geography Coastal region with rivers, lakes, and tundra
Cultural Heritage Strong influence of Yup’ik Eskimo and Alaska Native cultures
Transportation Air and water travel, limited road access
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What is Dillingham Census Area in Alaska famous for?

  • Fishing Industry,  Cultural Diversity, Natural Beauty, Outdoor Activities, Salmon Runs, Dillingham Air Force Base, Yup’ik and Alaska Native Traditions, and Denali National Park Access:

How big is Dillingham Census Area in Alaska?

  • The Dillingham Census Area in Alaska covers approximately 20,571 square miles, which is equivalent to about 53,286 square kilometers. It is a relatively large area within the state of Alaska and is known for its vast and diverse landscapes, including coastal regions, rivers, lakes, and tundra.

What language is spoken in Dillingham Census Area in Alaska?

  • The primary language spoken in the Dillingham Census Area in Alaska, like the rest of the United States, is English. English is the official language of the United States and is widely used for day-to-day communication, education, business, and government interactions.

What region of Alaska is Dillingham Census Area?

  • Dillingham Census Area is located in the southwestern region of Alaska. It is situated along the Bering Sea coast and is part of the larger southwestern region known for its coastal landscapes, abundant fisheries, and the influence of indigenous cultures, particularly the Yup’ik Eskimo culture.