Cities, Communities and Villages in Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska

Located in the vast wilderness of western Alaska, the Kusilvak Census Area, formerly known as the Wade Hampton Census Area, is a place of natural splendor and cultural richness.

Renamed in 2015, Kusilvak offers a glimpse into the unique heritage of the Yup’ik people and their deep connection to the land. With its expansive tundra, remote villages, and subsistence way of life, this region embodies the spirit of resilience and self-sufficiency. It’s a land where traditions endure and where the ancient and the modern coexist in harmony.

Here is a complete list of cities, communities, and villages in Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska:


  1. Emmonak


  1. Kotlik
  2. Mountain Village


  1. Alakanuk
  2. Marshall
  3. Nunam Iqua
  4. Russian Mission
  5. Scammon Bay

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about Wade Hampton Census Area (Renamed as Kusilvak Census Area), Alaska:

Aspect Information
Location Western Alaska
Seat of Government None (Census area has no incorporated cities)
Area Approximately 19,619 square miles (50,758 square km)
Population (2020) Approximately 8,143 residents
Native Culture Yup’ik Eskimo
Geography Predominantly tundra, rivers, and coastal areas
Economy Subsistence lifestyle, fishing, and small-scale agriculture
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What are counties in Alaska called?

  • In Alaska, administrative divisions similar to counties in other states are called “boroughs” and “census areas.” These divisions serve as the primary units of local government and are responsible for providing various services and governance. Boroughs are organized and have more comprehensive powers, while census areas are areas that have limited powers and are often found in more remote regions of the state. Alaska’s unique geography and decentralized governance system result in a variety of local government structures across the state.

What is the largest county in Alaska?

  • The largest county (borough) in Alaska by land area is the North Slope Borough. It encompasses a vast expanse of land, including the northernmost regions of the state and the Arctic coastline. The North Slope Borough is known for its unique geography, Arctic tundra, and its importance in Alaska’s oil industry, with Prudhoe Bay being a significant oil production area within the borough. The immense size and unique characteristics of the North Slope Borough make it one of the most distinctive regions in the state.

How many census areas are in Alaska?

  • Alaska had 11 census areas.
Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska Map
Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska Map