Cities, Towns and Villages in North Slope Borough, Alaska

North Slope Borough, Alaska, is a region defined by its extreme northern location, encompassing the northernmost point of the United States.

It is situated on the Arctic Ocean and is renowned for its unique and pristine Arctic landscapes, rich Indigenous culture, and its significant role in the state’s energy production due to its vast oil reserves.

The North Slope Borough is a place of environmental significance and cultural heritage, offering a one-of-a-kind Arctic experience.

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, and villages in North Slope Borough, Alaska:


  1. Prudhoe Bay
  2. Utqiagvik
  3. Nuiqsut
  4. Kaktovik
  5. Point Hope
  6. Waine wright
  7. Atqasuk
  8. Anaktuvuk
  9. Point Lay


  1. Alpine
  2. Angun
  3. Browerville
  4. Chariot
  5. Deadhorse
  6. Gordon
  7. Kokruagarok
  8. Nuwuk
  9. Sagwon
  10. Umiat
  11. Wevok


  1. Browerville
  2. Alpine

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about North Slope Borough, Alaska:

Attribute Information
Location Northern Alaska, on the Arctic Ocean
Area 94,796 square miles
Population Approximately 9,700 (As of 2020 Census)
Communities Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Anaktuvuk Pass, Kaktovik, and more
Indigenous Culture Rich Inupiat Eskimo heritage
Economy Significant role in the state’s oil production
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How do you get to North Slope Alaska?

  • Getting to the North Slope of Alaska, particularly Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow), involves traveling to a remote and Arctic region. The primary means of getting there is by air, given the area’s isolation and challenging environmental conditions. Here’s how you can typically reach the North Slope.

What is the largest Town in North Slope Alaska?

  • The largest town in North Slope, Alaska, is Utqiaġvik. Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow, is not only the largest town in North Slope but also the northernmost town in the United States. It is the borough seat of the North Slope Borough and is known for its significant role in the region, as well as its rich Indigenous culture and heritage.

Why is it called North Slope Alaska?

  • The name “North Slope” in the context of North Slope, Alaska, refers to a geographical and topographical feature of the region. It’s called the “North Slope” because it is located on the northern slope of the Brooks Range, a mountain range in northern Alaska. The term “slope” in this context denotes an upward or downward incline of land.
  • The North Slope region is characterized by its location on the northern side of the Brooks Range and its proximity to the Arctic Ocean. It is known for its Arctic climate, unique landscapes, and rich Indigenous culture, making it a distinct and significant part of Alaska. The region has been of particular interest for its role in the state’s oil production and its contributions to the Alaskan and U.S. economy.
North Slope Borough, Alaska map
North Slope Borough, Alaska map