Cities, Towns and Villages in Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska

The Aleutians West Census Area, located in the southwestern part of Alaska, is a region of captivating natural beauty and cultural significance. Stretching across the Aleutian Islands and the Alaska Peninsula, this area is renowned for its rugged coastlines, active volcanoes, and abundant wildlife. It is home to several indigenous communities, including the Aleut people, whose rich cultural heritage is intertwined with the harsh yet breathtaking environment. With its unique blend of geography and history, the Aleutians West Census Area offers visitors a glimpse into the remote and compelling landscapes of Alaska, where tradition and the untamed wilderness converge.

Cities and Towns

The cities and towns in Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska, include:

  1. Unalaska
  2. Akutan
  3. Atka
  4. Adak


Villages in Aleutians West Census Area Alaska are:

  1. False Pass
  2. Nikolski

Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location Southwestern Alaska, part of the Aleutian Islands.
Population Approximately 5,647 residents (as of 2020).
Area Extensive area, covering approximately 5,666 square miles.
Geography Comprises a chain of volcanic islands and rugged coastline.
Economy Primarily based on fishing, seafood processing, and maritime activities.
Communities Includes Unalaska, the largest city, and several smaller towns and villages.
Natural Beauty Renowned for stunning landscapes, wildlife, and outdoor recreation.
Wildlife Offers opportunities for birdwatching, marine life viewing, and fishing.
Climate Maritime climate with cool, wet winters and mild, foggy summers.
History Has a rich history, including involvement in World War II and the fishing industry.


What cities and Towns are in Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska?

  • The cities and towns in Aleutians West Census Area include Unalaska, Akutan, Atka, Adak, False Pass, and Nikolski.

What is Aleutians West Census Area famous for?

  • This area is famous for maritime and fishing activities due to their coastal locations. The Aleutians West Census Area is known for its remote and rugged beauty, with these communities playing a key role in the fishing industry and offering access to unique natural landscapes.

How big is Aleutians West Census Area?

  • The Aleutians West Census Area in Alaska covers a vast expanse of approximately 6,919 square miles (17,926 square kilometers). This makes it one of the larger census areas in the state, despite its relatively low population density due to its remote and rugged terrain. The area’s considerable size encompasses a diverse range of landscapes, from volcanic islands to mountainous regions and coastal shorelines, contributing to its unique and captivating character.

What is the largest town in Aleutians West Census Area?

  • The largest town in the Aleutians West Census Area is Unalaska. Unalaska is located on Unalaska Island and is known for being a significant population center within the Aleutian Islands. It serves as a hub for transportation, commerce, and community services in the area. The town of Unalaska is also home to the Port of Dutch Harbor, one of the busiest fishing ports in the United States and a critical link in the state’s fishing industry.
Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska map
Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska map

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