Cities, Towns and Villages in Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska

List of all the Cities, Towns and Villages in Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska

Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, located in the vast and rugged interior of Alaska, is a place of stunning natural beauty and untamed wilderness. Stretching over 145,500 square miles, it is one of the largest census areas in the state.

Named after two of its major rivers, the Yukon and the Koyukuk, this region is known for its remote and pristine landscapes, which offer unparalleled opportunities for outdoor adventure, including hunting, fishing, and exploration.

With a sparse population and a deep connection to the land, Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area embodies the spirit of the Alaskan wilderness, making it a destination for those seeking an authentic and untamed experience.

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, and villages in Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska:


  1. Koyukuk
  2. Fort Kuyon
  3. Huslia
  4. Allakaket
  5. Kaltak
  6. Nulato
  7. Holy Cross
  8. Hughes
  9. Manley hot springs
  10. Shageluk
  11. Tanana
  12. Mcgrath
  13. Alatna


  1. Galena
  2. Anvik
  3. Nenana
  4. Ruby
  5. Kaltag

Villages in Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area

  1. Bettles
  2. Stony River
  3. Shageluk

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska:

Fact Information
Location Interior Alaska
Area Approximately 145,900 square miles
Population Approximately 5,500 (as of 2020)
Major Rivers Yukon River, Koyukuk River, Tanana River
Communities Numerous villages and settlements
Geography Vast wilderness, mountains, rivers
Economy Subsistence activities, limited services
Transportation River travel, bush planes
Indigenous Culture Home to various Alaska Native groups
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How many boroughs are in Alaska?

  • Alaska is divided into 19 organized boroughs and one Unorganized Borough. These organized boroughs function similarly to counties in other states and have their own local governments, while the Unorganized Borough encompasses areas that do not have their own organized borough governments. In total, there are 20 boroughs in Alaska

What is the largest county in Alaska by population?

  • In Alaska, the divisions are known as boroughs rather than counties. The largest borough in Alaska by population is the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, often referred to as the Mat-Su Borough. It is located in Southcentral Alaska and includes cities like Wasilla and Palmer. The Matanuska-Susitna Borough had one of the highest populations among Alaska’s boroughs. Please note that populations may have changed since then, so it’s a good idea to check the latest census data for the most up-to-date information.

How many census areas are in Alaska?

  • Alaska is divided into 11 census areas.
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska Map
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska Map