Cities, Towns, and Villages in Cherokee County, Kansas

A complete list of all cities, towns, and villages in Cherokee County, Kansas

Cherokee County is located in the southeastern part of the state of Kansas, United States. It is situated along the state’s border with Missouri and Oklahoma. The county seat of Cherokee County is Galena.

To give you a general idea of its location, Cherokee County is approximately 150 miles south of Kansas City, Kansas, and it is part of the broader Four State Area, which includes parts of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Cities in Cherokee County

  1. Baxter Springs
  2. Columbus
  3. Galena (County Seat)
  4. Riverton
  5. Weir


There are no officially designated towns in Cherokee County, Kansas. Cherokee County primarily has cities.


There are no officially designated villages in Cherokee County, Kansas.

Quick Facts about Cherokee County

County Information
County Seat Galena
Founded 1866
Named After The Cherokee Nation
Area Approximately 591 sq. miles
Population 20,321 (as of 2020 Census)
Official Website

What is the history of Cherokee County, Kansas?

Cherokee County was established in 1866 and played a significant role in the mining industry during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is part of the Tri-State Mining District.

Are there any historical sites in Cherokee County?

Yes, there are several historical sites, including the Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum, which provides insights into the history of the area.

What is the economy of Cherokee County based on?

The economy of Cherokee County has diversified over the years. While mining was historically significant, the county now has a mix of agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

Is there a notable event or festival in Cherokee County?

The “Baxter Springs Heritage Festival” is an annual event that celebrates the history and culture of the region.

Are there educational institutions in Cherokee County?

Cherokee County is served by several school districts, providing educational opportunities for students. Additionally, there are higher education institutions in nearby areas.

Cherokee County, Kansas map
Cherokee County, Kansas map

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