Cities and Towns in Columbia County, Arkansas

This is a complete list of all cities, towns, and unincorporated communities in Columbia County, Arkansas:


  1. Magnolia
  2. Taylor


  1. McNeil
  2. Waldo

Unincorporated Communities in Columbia County

  1. Village
  2. Calhoun

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Columbia County, Arkansas:

Attribute Information
County Seat Magnolia
Founded December 17, 1852
Named After Christopher Columbus, Italian explorer
Area Approximately 767 square miles
Population Approximately 24,325
Major River Little Missouri River
Main Highways U.S. Route 79, U.S. Route 82, Arkansas Highway 19
Notable People Dr. William L. “Bill” Robinson (Educator), Charlaine Harris (Author)
Notable Places Southern Arkansas University, Logoly State Park, Magnolia City Hall
Economy Agriculture, Timber, Education, and Healthcare
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What is the county seat of Columbia County?

  • The county seat of Columbia County is Magnolia, which is also the largest city in the county. Magnolia covers an area of approximately 11.54 square miles.

Where is Columbia County, Arkansas, located?

  • Columbia County is situated in the southern part of the state of Arkansas, USA.

What are some popular attractions or notable places to visit in Columbia County?

  • Visitors and residents can explore attractions such as Southern Arkansas University, Logoly State Park, and the Magnolia City Hall.

What major river flows through Columbia County?

  • The major river that flows through Columbia County is the Little Missouri River.
Columbia County, Arkansas map
Columbia County, Arkansas map

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