Cities, Towns and Villages in Carroll County, Arkansas

Here is a comprehensive list of all the cities, towns, and villages in Carroll County, Arkansas.


  1. Berryville
  2. Eureka Springs
  3. Green Forest


  1. Alpena
  2. Beaver
  3. Blue Eye
  4. Oak Grove
  5. Prairie
  6. Hickory
  7. Omega
  8. Winona
  9. Packard Springs
  10. Piney
  11. Dry Fork
  12. North Yocum
  13. South Yocum
  14. Polo
  15. Cross
  16. Cabanal
  17. Long Creek
  18. Carrollton
  19. Cedar


There are no villages in Carroll County, Arkansas


  • Berryville
  • Eureka Springs
  • Green Forest
  • Alpena
  • Beaver
  • Blue Eye
  • Oak Grove
  • Holiday Island

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Carroll County, Arkansas:

Attribute Information
County Seat Berryville
Founded November 1, 1833
Named After Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence
Area Approximately 639 square miles
Population Approximately 28,589
Major Rivers Kings River, White River, Osage Creek
Main Highways U.S. Route 62, U.S. Route 412, Arkansas Highway 23
Notable People Ralph McQuarrie (Artist), Glen Campbell (Musician), Carrie Nation (Activist)
Notable Places Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs, Ozark Mountains
Economy Tourism, Agriculture, Retail
History Native American Heritage, Historic Downtowns
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What is the county seat of Carroll County?

  • The county seat of Carroll County is Berryville.

What are the major geographic features of Carroll County?

  • Carroll County is known for its scenic beauty, nestled in the Ozark Mountains and intersected by the Kings River, White River, and Osage Creek.

What are some notable places or attractions to visit in Carroll County?

  • Visitors can explore the famous Thorncrown Chapel, the picturesque city of Eureka Springs, and the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

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