Cities, Towns, and Villages in Desha County, Arkansas

Cities, Towns, and Villages in Desha County, Arkansas

Desha County, Arkansas, is situated in the state’s southeastern region along the Mississippi River. Here is a complete list of all the cities, towns, and villages in Desha County, Arkansas:


  1. McGehee
  2. Watson
  3. Mitchellville
  4. Dumas

Towns in Desha County, Arkansas

  1. Arkansas City
  2. Tillar
  3. Reed


  1. Halley
  2. Kelso
  3. Snow Lake
  4. Rowher
  5. Pickens

Quick Facts

Here are some interesting quick facts about Desha County, Arkansas:

Attribute Information
County Seat Arkansas City
Founded December 12, 1838
Named After Benjamin Desha, a soldier
Area Approximately 768 square miles
Population Approximately 11,051
Notable People Dallas Keuchel (MLB player), Sonny Liston (Boxing Champion)
Notable Places Arkansas Post National Memorial, Lake Wallace
Economy Agriculture (Rice, Soybeans), Pulpwood, Industry
History Early settlements, Historical Arkansas Post, Civil Rights Era
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What is the county seat of Desha County?

  • The county seat of Desha County is Arkansas City.

Are there notable places in Desha County worth visiting?

  • Yes, Desha County is home to the Arkansas Post National Memorial and Lake Wallace, among other points of interest.

What is the largest town in Desha County, Arkansas?

  • The largest town in Desha County, Arkansas, is Dumas. Dumas covers an approximate area of 4.1 square miles.

How big is Desha County, Arkansas?

  • Desha County, Arkansas, spans an area of approximately 768 square miles (1,988 square kilometers).
Desha County, Arkansas map
Desha County, Arkansas map

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