Cities, Towns and Plantations in Sagadahoc County, Maine

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, plantations, and villages in Sagadahoc County, Maine


  1. Bath


  1. Arrowsic
  2. Bowdoin
  3. Bowdoinham
  4. Georgetown
  5. Phippsburg
  6. Richmond
  7. Topsham
  8. West Bath
  9. Woolwich


  1. Perkins Township


Sagadahoc County, Maine, does not have any officially designated villages.

Quick Facts

Category Information
Location Sagadahoc County is located in the state of Maine, USA, in the southern part of the state along the coast
County Seat The county seat of Sagadahoc County is the city of Bath
Population The approximate population of Sagadahoc County is around 36,000 residents
Area Sagadahoc County spans approximately 253 square miles (655 square kilometers)
Geography The county is characterized by its coastal landscapes, with significant frontage on the Kennebec River and the Atlantic Ocean. Notable natural features include beaches, marshes, and estuaries
Notable Places Some notable places in Sagadahoc County include the Maine Maritime Museum, Popham Beach State Park, and Reid State Park
Economy The economy of Sagadahoc County is supported by industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism, with a focus on maritime activities and historical attractions
Education Sagadahoc County is served by various school districts, and it is home to several educational institutions, including Morse High School and Bath Middle School
History The history of Sagadahoc County is rich, with influences from early Native American settlements, European exploration, and colonial settlement. The area has a strong maritime tradition and played a significant role in the shipbuilding industry
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What is Sagadahoc County Maine famous for?

Sagadahoc County, Maine, is renowned for its rich maritime heritage, owing to its significant historical contributions to the shipbuilding industry. The county is also known for its picturesque coastal landscapes, including beaches, marshes, and estuaries, which attract tourists and nature enthusiasts. Additionally, Sagadahoc County is famous for being home to notable attractions such as the Maine Maritime Museum, Popham Beach State Park, and Reid State Park, offering visitors and residents various recreational and educational opportunities.

How big is Sagadahoc County Maine?

Sagadahoc County, Maine, has an area of approximately 253 square miles (655 square kilometers).

What is the largest town in Sagadahoc County Maine?

The largest town in Sagadahoc County, Maine, is the town of Topsham.

Sagadahoc County, Maine map
Sagadahoc County, Maine map


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