Cities, Towns and Villages in Aroostook County, Maine

Aroostook County is located in the northeastern part of the state of Maine, United States. It is situated near the border with Canada and is known for its vast expanses of wilderness and agricultural landscapes.

List of all cities, towns, hamlets, and villages in Aroostook County, Maine, in alphabetical order


  1. Caribou
  2. Presque Isle


  1. Allagash
  2. Amity
  3. Ashland
  4. Benedicta
  5. Blaine
  6. Bridgewater
  7. Castle Hill
  8. Chapman
  9. Crystal
  10. Cyr Plantation
  11. Dyer Brook
  12. Eagle Lake
  13. Easton
  14. Fort Fairfield
  15. Fort Kent
  16. Frenchville
  17. Garfield Plantation
  18. Glenwood Plantation
  19. Grand Isle
  20. Hamlin
  21. Hammond
  22. Haynesville
  23. Hersey
  24. Hodgdon
  25. Houlton
  26. Island Falls
  27. Limestone
  28. Linneus
  29. Littleton
  30. Ludlow
  31. Madawaska
  32. Mapleton
  33. Mars Hill
  34. Masardis
  35. Merrill
  36. Monticello
  37. Moro Plantation
  38. Nashville Plantation
  39. New Canada
  40. New Limerick
  41. New Sweden
  42. Oakfield
  43. Orient
  44. Oxbow Plantation
  45. Perham
  46. Portage Lake
  47. Reed Plantation
  48. Sherman
  49. Silver Ridge Township
  50. Smyrna
  51. St. Agatha
  52. St. Francis
  53. St. John Plantation
  54. Stockholm
  55. Van Buren
  56. Wade
  57. Wallagrass
  58. Washburn
  59. Westfield
  60. Weston
  61. Woodland


  1. Cary Plantation – located in the eastern part of Aroostook County.
  2. Crouseville – located in the south
  3. Hammond – located in the northeast.
  4. Mapleton – located in the central
  5. Sheridan – located in the western


Aroostook County, Maine, does not have any recognized hamlets based on the standard administrative divisions in the United States.

Aroostook County

Quick facts

The following Maine counties surround Aroostook County, which shares borders with the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec:

  • To the south: Penobscot County and Washington County
  • To the west: Somerset County


  • County Seat: Houlton
  • Established: March 16, 1839
  • Named for: A Native American word meaning “Beautiful River”
  • Area: 6,828 square miles (17,690 km²)
  • Population (2020): 67,424
  • Major Industries: Agriculture, forestry, and Manufacturing
  • Notable Attractions: Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, Aroostook State Park
  • Official Website: Aroostook County, Maine

What is Aroostook County Maine known for?

  • Aroostook County in Maine is known for snowmobiling, outdoor adventure, potato farming, scenic beauty, and the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

What is the largest town in Aroostook County Maine?

  • The largest town in Aroostook County, Maine, is Presque Isle.

What is the poverty rate in Aroostook County Maine?

  • The poverty rate in Aroostook County, Maine, is approximately 14.5% of the population for whom poverty status is determined, which translates to around 9,470 people out of a total population of 65,300. (Source: Data USA –

What is the average household income in Aroostook County Maine?

The average household income in Aroostook County, Maine, is approximately $47,278 as of the most recent data available (2017–2021).

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