Cities, Towns and Villages in Cumberland County, Maine

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, plantations, and villages in Cumberland County, Maine:


  1. Portland
  2. South Portland
  3. Westbrook


  1. Baldwin
  2. Bridgton
  3. Brunswick
  4. Cape Elizabeth
  5. Casco
  6. Chebeague Island
  7. Cumberland
  8. Falmouth
  9. Freeport
  10. Frye Island
  11. Gorham
  12. Gray
  13. Harpswell
  14. Harrison
  15. Long Island
  16. Naples
  17. New Gloucester
  18. North Yarmouth
  19. Pownal
  20. Raymond
  21. Scarborough
  22. Sebago
  23. Standish
  24. Windham
  25. Yarmouth


Cumberland County, Maine, does not have any officially designated villages. The county primarily consists of cities and towns. If there are any unincorporated communities or informal settlements that could be considered villages, they might not be officially recognized or classified yet and this post will be updated regularly.

Quick Facts

Here’s a table of quick facts about Cumberland County, Maine:

Category Quick Facts
Location Situated in the southern part of the state of Maine
County Seat Portland is the county seat of Cumberland County
Population Approximately 300,000 residents.
Area Spans around 1,217 square miles.
Geography A diverse landscape, including coastal areas along the Atlantic Ocean, inland forests, lakes, and rivers.
Notable Places The Old Port district in Portland, Casco Bay Islands, and the Sebago Lake region
Economy Healthcare, education, tourism, and technology.
Education Higher education institutions, including the University of Southern Maine and Bowdoin College.
History Cumberland County was established in 1760 and was named after William, Duke of Cumberland, a member of the British Royal Family. The area has a rich history, including significant contributions to the maritime and lumber industries.
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What is Cumberland County, Maine famous for?

Cumberland County is famous for its blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, educational institutions, and historical significance, making it a popular destination for tourists and residents alike.

  1. Portland: The county seat and largest city, renowned for its historic Old Port district, picturesque waterfront, vibrant arts scene, and culinary excellence.
  2. Casco Bay Islands: A collection of picturesque islands known for their scenic beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and historical significance.
  3. Sebago Lake: A popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, and camping.
  4. Rich History: Cumberland County boasts a rich historical legacy, particularly in the maritime and lumber industries, which has significantly shaped the region’s cultural and economic development.
  5. Educational Institutions: The county is home to well-regarded educational institutions, including the University of Southern Maine and Bowdoin College, contributing to the area’s academic and research prominence.

How big is Cumberland County, Maine?

Cumberland County, Maine, encompasses an area of approximately 1,217 square miles (3,153 square kilometers).

What is the largest town in Cumberland County, Maine?

The largest town in Cumberland County, Maine, is Scarborough.

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