Cities, Towns and Villages in Franklin County, Maine

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, plantations, and villages in Franklin County, Maine:


  1. Farmington


  1. Chesterville
  2. Jay
  3. New Sharon
  4. Strong
  5. Temple
  6. Kingfield
  7. Carrabassett Valley
  8. Eustis
  9. Rangeley
  10. Phillips
  11. Madrid
  12. Avon
  13. Wilton
  14. Sandy River Plantation


  1. Coplin Plantation
  2. Dallas Plantation
Franklin County, Maine map and seal
Franklin County, Maine map and seal


Quick Facts

Here’s a table of quick facts about Franklin County, Maine:

Category Quick Facts
Location Located in western Maine
County Seat Farmington
Population Approximately 30,000 as of the 2020 Census
Area Approximately 1,743 square miles (4,511 square kilometers)
Geography Diverse landscape with lakes, forests, and mountains
Notable Places Sugarloaf ski resort, Rangeley Lakes, Sandy River
Economy Mainly based on tourism, healthcare, education, and manufacturing
Education Home to the University of Maine at Farmington
History Settled in the late 18th century and named after Benjamin Franklin
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What cities and towns are in Franklin County Maine?

  • The cities and towns in Franklin County, Maine include Avon, Carrabassett Valley, Carthage, Chesterville, Eustis, Farmington, Industry, Jay, Kingfield, New Sharon, Phillips, Rangeley, Salem Township, Sandy River Plantation, Stratton, Strong, Temple, Weld, and Wilton

What is Franklin County Maine famous for?

  • Franklin County, Maine is famous for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational activities, historic significance, and towns like Farmington and Jay with their cultural events and paper mill industry.

How big is Franklin County Maine?

  • Franklin County, Maine has a land area of approximately 1,697 square miles (4,400 square kilometers), making it the seventh largest county in Maine by total area.

What is the largest town in Franklin County Maine?

  • The largest town in Franklin County, Maine is Farmington. Farmington is also the county seat of Franklin County and is home to the University of Maine at Farmington