Cities, Townships and Communities in Delaware County, Iowa

Here is a list of all the cities, townships and communities in Delaware county, Iowa

Delaware County is a county located in the U.S. state of Iowa. As of the 2020 census, the population was 17,488. The county seat is Manchester. The county takes its name after the U.S. state of Delaware.

Here is a list of all the cities, townships and communities in Delaware county, Iowa:


  • Colesburg
  • Delaware
  • Delhi
  • Dundee
  • Dyersville
  • Earlville
  • Edgewood
  • Greeley
  • Hopkinton
  • Manchester
  • Masonville
  • Ryan


Delaware County is divided into these townships:

  • Adams
  • Bremen
  • Coffins Grove
  • Colony
  • Delaware
  • Delhi
  • Elk
  • Hazel Green
  • Honey Creek
  • Milo
  • Prairie
  • Richland
  • South Fork
  • North Fork
  • Oneida
  • Union

Unincorporated Communities

  • Petersburg
  • Robinson
  • Rockville

Quick Facts about Delaware county, Iowa

Here are some quick facts about Delaware county, Iowa:

  • Location: Delaware County is located in northeastern Iowa.
  • County Seat: The county seat of Delaware County is Manchester.
  • Population: 17,510
  • Economy: Delaware County’s economy traditionally has a foundation in agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce.
  • Manchester: Manchester is the largest city and the county seat of Delaware County, serving as a center for commerce and community activities.
  • Maquoketa River: The Maquoketa River flows through Delaware County, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation.
  • Parks and Recreation: Delaware County likely offers parks, recreational areas, and outdoor activities for residents and visitors.
  • Historical Sites: The county may have historical sites and landmarks that reflect its cultural heritage.
  • Government: Delaware County operates under a county board form of government.
  • Official Website:

How many towns are in Delaware County Iowa?

  • Delaware County is composed of 12 incorporated communities and their surrounding rural areas.

Who is largest employer in Iowa?

  • While its ascendance to the top of the metro employer ranks is new, Hy-Vee has long been Iowa’s largest private employer.

Where is the biggest city in Iowa?

  • Des Moines (/dəˈmɔɪn/) is the capital and the most populous city in Iowa, United States. It is also the county seat of Polk County. A small part of the city extends into Warren County.