Cities, Towns and Villages in Henderson County, Illinois

Here is a list of all the cities towns and villages in Henderson county, Illinois

Welcome to Henderson County, Illinois, where the winding Mississippi River shapes the landscape and small-town charm defines the community spirit.

Here is a list of all the cities towns and villages in Henderson county, Illinois:


  1. Dallas City


  1. Biggsville
  2. Gladstone
  3. Gulf Port
  4. Lomax
  5. Media
  6. Oquawka
  7. Raritan
  8. Stronghurst

Unincorporated communities

  1. Bald Bluff
  2. Carman
  3. Carthage Lake
  4. Decorra
  5. Hopper
  6. Olena
  7. Shokonon
  8. Terre Haute


Henderson County is divided into eleven townships:

  1. Bald Bluff
  2. Biggsville
  3. Carman
  4. Gladstone
  5. Lomax
  6. Media
  7. Oquawka
  8. Raritan
  9. Rozetta
  10. Stronghurst
  11. Terre Haute

Quick Facts about Henderson county, Illinois

Here are some quick facts about Henderson county, Illinois:

  • County Seat: Oquawka
  • Founded: 1841
  • Area: Approximately 378 square miles
  • Population: Around 6,600
  • Geography: Located in the western part of Illinois along the Mississippi River.
  • Economy: Historically tied to agriculture, with a mix of local businesses.
  • Notable Landmarks: Oquawka, the county seat, is home to historic sites and offers views of the Mississippi River.
  • Community: Embraces small-town values with a focus on community events.
  • Education: Home to local schools and educational institutions.
  • Recreation: Offers opportunities for outdoor activities and the enjoyment of the Mississippi River.


What is the history of Henderson county, Illinois?

  • Henderson County was formed in 1841 from a portion of Warren County. It was named for Henderson County, Kentucky, which was named for Richard Henderson, founder of the Transylvania Company, an early attempt to organize what later became Kentucky around 1775.

How old is Henderson county?

  • Originally part of the Cherokee Nation, Henderson County was established in 1838. Americans started settling the area after the 1777 and 1785 treaties with the tribe. During the Revolutionary War and in the formative years of the United States, people received land grants and moved to the area.

What was the first county in Illinois?

  • The first county in Illinois, originally established as a county of the Northwest Territory, St. Clair County was formed on April 27, 1790

Is Henderson a small town?

  • Today, the City of Henderson has grown to more than 103 square miles and is the second largest city in Nevada. Henderson is often referred to as having small town values with big city efficiencies.
Henderson County, Illinois map
Henderson County, Illinois map