Cities, Towns and Villages in Calhoun County, Illinois

List of all Cities, Towns and Villages in Calhoun County, Illinois

Calhoun County, Illinois, is a small and scenic county nestled along the Mississippi River. Known for its rural charm and natural beauty, Calhoun County is home to tight-knit communities and a rich history.

With its picturesque landscapes and riverfront vistas, the county offers a peaceful retreat for residents and visitors alike. Explore the unique blend of small-town warmth and outdoor recreation that defines Calhoun County.

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, and villages in Calhoun County, Illinois:


  1. Brussels
  2. Golden Eagle
  3. Hamburg
  4. Hardin
  5. Kampsville


  1. Hardin
  2. Brussels
  3. Kampsville
  4. Batchtown
  5. Hamburg
  6. Michael
  7. Mozier


  1. Birch Island
  2. Grantsville
  3. Carlin Precinct
  4. Beechville
  5. Kritesville
  6. Winneberger
  7. Cliffdale

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about Calhoun County, Illinois:

Fact Information
County Seat Hardin
Established 1825
Population (2020) Approximately 4,899
Area About 284 square miles
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 How long is Calhoun county, Illinois?

  • Calhoun County is a narrow 37-mile (60 km)-long peninsula of mostly high, rolling ground located between the Mississippi River and the Illinois River.

What is the county seat of Calhoun county, Illinois?

  • The county seat of Calhoun County, Illinois, is Hardin.

What is the history of Calhoun county, Illinois?

  • Calhoun County, Illinois, was established on January 10, 1825. It was named after John C. Calhoun, a prominent American statesman and political theorist. The county is known for its scenic landscapes along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Over the years, Calhoun County has been primarily agricultural, with a focus on farming and river-related activities. The county’s rich history is reflected in its small towns, historic sites, and the cultural heritage of its residents.
Calhoun County, Illinois map
Calhoun County, Illinois map