Cities, Towns and Villages in Boone County, Illinois

List of all Cities, Towns and Villages in Boone County, Illinois

Boone County, Illinois, nestled in the heart of the state, boasts a rich tapestry of history, community, and agricultural heritage. From its early days as a hub for agriculture and industry to its present role as a dynamic and growing region, Boone County invites residents and visitors alike to explore its vibrant communities and embrace its Midwestern charm.

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, and villages in Boone County, Illinois:


  1. Belvidere
  2. Poplar Grove
  3. Garden Prairie
  4. Timberlane
  5. Argyle


  1.  Beaverton Crossroads
  2. Blaine
  3. Candlewick Lake
  4. Edgewood


  1. Caledonia
  2. Capron
  3. Cherry village

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about Boone County, Illinois:

Fact Information
County Seat Belvidere
Established 1837
Area 282 square miles
Population (2020) Approximately 54,165
Official Website

How many Boone counties are there in the USA?

  • There are multiple counties named Boone in the USA. The exact number may vary over time due to changes such as new county formations or renamings. One well-known Boone County is in Illinois, but there are several others in different states, such as Kentucky, Missouri, and Iowa, among others.

What cities are in Boone County, Illinois?

  • Belvidere, Poplar Grove, Garden Prairie, Timberlane, and Argyle

How do I get a birth certificate in Boone County, Illinois?

  • Visit the County Clerk’s Office => complete the application => provide identification => pay the fee => wait for processing => and receive the birth certificate.
Boone County, Illinois map
Boone County, Illinois map