Cities, Communities and Villages in Cook County, Illinois

Here is a complete list of cities, Communities, and villages in Cook County, Illinois:


  1. Arlington Heights
  2. Evanston
  3. Oak Park
  4. Skokie
  5. Palatine: Schaumburg
  6. Orland Park
  7. Des Plaines
  8. Berwyn


  1. Hyde Park
  2. Pilsen
  3. Lincoln Park
  4. Oak Lawn
  5. Wilmette
  6. River Forest
  7. Evergreen Park
  8. Bridgeport
  9. Homewood
  10. Evanston


  1. Lincolnwood
  2.  La Grange
  3. Niles
  4. Mount Prospect
  5. Barrington
  6. Frankfort
  7. River Forest
  8. Lemont

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about Cook County, Illinois:

Fact Description
County Seat Chicago
Incorporated Cities Chicago and numerous suburbs
Population (2020) Approximately 5,240,700 (U.S. Census Bureau)
Land Area 945 square miles (2,448 km²)
Established January 15, 1831
Main Industries Finance, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, education
Notable Features Lake Michigan shoreline, Millennium Park, cultural institutions
Official Website

Cook County, Illinois map and seal
Cook County, Illinois map and seal


What city is Cook county, Illinois?

  • Cook County, Illinois, does not have a single designated city as its primary administrative center. Instead, Cook County encompasses the city of Chicago and numerous suburban municipalities. Chicago, being the largest city in Illinois and the third most populous city in the United States, serves as the economic, cultural, and administrative hub of Cook County. Therefore, when referring to Cook County, it often involves mentioning Chicago and the diverse array of suburban communities within the county. The county seat, in this case, is considered to be Chicago.

Do you have to live in Cook county to work for Cook county?

  • In many cases, residence requirements for employment depend on the policies and positions within Cook County government. Different jobs and departments may have varying requirements regarding whether employees need to live within Cook County or have the option to reside outside the county. Public sector employment policies, including those for county government jobs, can vary widely. Some positions may require residency within the county, while others may not have such restrictions. It’s crucial to check the specific job announcements, employment policies, or contact the Cook County Human Resources Department for accurate and up-to-date information regarding residency requirements for a particular position. If you’re considering employment with Cook County, reviewing the job listings and contacting the relevant human resources office would provide you with the most accurate and current details on any residency requirements.

Does Cook county count as Chicago?

  • Cook County and the city of Chicago are distinct administrative entities, but Chicago is the largest city within Cook County and serves as its economic and cultural hub. Cook County encompasses a vast area that includes the city of Chicago as well as numerous suburban municipalities. When people refer to “Cook County,” they often include Chicago in the discussion due to the city’s significant size, population, and influence within the county. However, it’s essential to recognize that Cook County is not synonymous with Chicago, as it also includes various suburbs and unincorporated areas. In summary, while Chicago is a major part of Cook County, they are not interchangeable terms, and Cook County encompasses a broader geographical area than just the city of Chicago.

Who runs Cook county, Illinois?

  • Cook County Board President, Cook County Board of Commissioners, Cook County Board of Review, Cook County Assessor, Cook County State’s Attorney, Cook County Sheriff