Cities and Towns in York County, Maine

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, plantations, and villages in York County, Maine


  1. Biddeford
  2. Saco


  1. Acton
  2. Alfred
  3. Arundel
  4. Berwick
  5. Buxton
  6. Cornish
  7. Dayton
  8. Eliot
  9. Hollis
  10. Kennebunk
  11. Kennebunkport
  12. Kittery
  13. Lebanon
  14. Limerick
  15. Limington
  16. Lyman
  17. Newfield
  18. North Berwick
  19. Ogunquit
  20. Old Orchard Beach
  21. Parsonsfield
  22. Shapleigh
  23. South Berwick
  24. Waterboro
  25. Wells
  26. West Newfield
  27. York


There are no plantations in York County, Maine, USA.


There are no designated villages in York County, Maine, USA.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts about York County, Maine, USA with Location, County Seat, Population, Area, Geography, Notable Places, Economy, Education, History and Official Website

Category Information
Location York County is situated in the southwestern corner of the state of Maine, sharing borders with New Hampshire to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast
County Seat The county seat of York County is Alfred
Population As of the 2020 United States Census, the population of York County was approximately 209,066
Area York County covers a total area of about 1,270 square miles (3,289 square kilometers), making it the second-largest county in Maine by area
Geography The county features a diverse geography that includes a mix of coastal regions, forests, rivers, and lakes. Notable geographical features include the scenic coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Saco River
Notable Places Some notable places in York County include the historic towns of York and Kennebunkport, which offer visitors a glimpse into the region’s rich history, architecture, and maritime heritage
Economy York County’s economy is supported by various industries, including tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and services. The county’s coastal areas are known for their tourism and hospitality sectors, while inland regions support industries such as agriculture and manufacturing
Education The county is served by multiple school districts, including the Maine School Administrative Districts (MSAD). Higher education institutions in or near the county include the University of New England and York County Community College
History York County was established in 1652 and is one of the oldest counties in Maine. The region has a rich history, shaped by early settlement, maritime activities, and its role in the American Revolution
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What is York County Maine famous for?

Various galleries, museums, and performing arts centers that host events, exhibitions, and performances throughout the year. The county’s rich cultural scene contributes to its dynamic and lively atmosphere.

  • Agricultural Products: York County is recognized for its agricultural offerings, including diverse produce, dairy products, and locally sourced goods. The region’s fertile farmlands support various agricultural activities, contributing to the local economy and providing residents with fresh and locally grown food.
  • Outdoor Recreation: With its diverse natural landscapes, including forests, rivers, and beaches, York County offers abundant opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, and wildlife observation. The county’s natural beauty and recreational amenities attract nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

How big is York County Maine?

York County, Maine, has a total area of approximately 1,270 square miles (3,289 square kilometers). With its substantial land area, the county encompasses a diverse range of landscapes, including coastal regions, forests, and inland areas, contributing to its scenic beauty and varied natural resources.

What is the largest town in York County Maine?

The largest town in York County, Maine, based on population, is the town of Sanford. Sanford serves as a significant commercial and cultural hub within the county, offering various amenities, services, and recreational opportunities to its residents and visitors.

York County, Maine map and beach
York County, Maine map and beach


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