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List of All Cities, Towns and Villages in Clay County, Kansas

Clay County is located in the north-central part of the state of Kansas, United States. It is situated in the Flint Hills region. The county seat of Clay County is Clay Center. To provide a general sense of location, Clay County is approximately 130 miles west of Topeka, the capital of Kansas, and about 100 miles north of Wichita.


  1. Clay Center (County Seat)

Towns in Clay County

  1. Wakefield


There are cities and towns, but officially designated villages may not be present.

Facts about Clay County, Kansas

County Information
County Seat Clay Center
Founded 1866
Named After Henry Clay
Area Approximately 656 sq. miles
Population 8,300 (as of 2020 Census)
Major Lakes Keystone Lake, Lake Geneva, Kingsley Lake
Main Highways U.S. Route 24, U.S. Route 15
Notable Attractions Sea Serpent Tours Inc, Camp Chowenwaw Park, North Florida Railway Museum
Notable Places Spring Park, bestbet Orange Park, Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park
Economy Agriculture, small businesses and services
History Founded in 1866, rooted in agriculture and community development
Outdoor Activities Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Interactive Exhibits, Picnicking, Paddleboards
Notable People Carson Pickett, Jennifer Carroll, Gary Barnidge
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What is the history of Clay County, Kansas?

Clay County was founded in 1866 and named after Henry Clay, a prominent American statesman. The county has a history rooted in agriculture and the development of small communities.

Are there any historical landmarks in Clay County?

Clay County may have historical landmarks, including sites reflecting its history. The county seat, Clay Center, might have historical structures and museums.

What is the economic base of Clay County?

The economy of Clay County is traditionally based on agriculture, with farming and livestock playing significant roles. The county may also have a mix of small businesses and services.

Are there recreational opportunities in Clay County?

Clay County likely offers recreational opportunities, including parks, outdoor activities, and community events. Local sources can provide information on available facilities.

Clay County, Kansas map
Clay County, Kansas map

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