Cities and Towns in Butler County, Kansas

Complete list of all the Cities and Towns in Butler County, Kansas

Butler County, Kansas, is located in the south-central part of the state of Kansas, in the United States. It is situated in the region known as the Great Plains and is bordered by several other Kansas counties. The county seat of Butler County is El Dorado, a city within the county.


  1. Andover
  2. Augusta
  3. El Dorado (County Seat)
  4. Rose Hill

Towns in Butler County

  1. Benton
  2. Cassoday
  3. Douglass
  4. Latham
  5. Leon
  6. Potwin
  7. Towanda

Butler County Facts

Fact Information
County Seat El Dorado
Area 1,447 square miles (3,747 square km)
Population (2020 Census) 66,437
Major Industries Manufacturing, Agriculture, Healthcare
Historical Significance Augusta Historic Theatre, 1913 Flood
Geography Prairie land, rivers, and woodlands
Education Butler Community College, USD 490
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What is the history of Butler County, Kansas?

  • Butler County has a rich history with ties to the cattle industry, and it played a role in the Chisholm Trail. The Augusta Historic Theatre and the 1913 flood are notable historical events.

What is the economy of Butler County like?

  • The county’s economy is diverse, with manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare being major industries. It has a mix of urban and rural areas.

Are there any natural attractions in Butler County?

  • Butler County features a mix of prairies, rivers, and woodlands, making it a region with natural beauty, parks, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

What is the population of Butler County?

  • As per the 2020 Census, the population of Butler County was 66,437.

What educational institutions are present in Butler County?

  • Butler County is served by Butler Community College, which provides various educational programs. USD 490 offers K-12 education.

Is there a notable historical site in Butler County?

  • The Augusta Historic Theatre and the history related to the 1913 flood are significant historical landmarks in the county.


Butler County, Kansas map
Butler County, Kansas map


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