Cities, Towns, and Villages in Bourbon County, Kansas

Complete List of All Cities, Towns, and Villages in Bourbon County, Kansas:


  1. Fort Scott


  1. Uniontown
  2. Bronson

Villages in Bourbon County

  1. Redfield
  2. Fulton

Bourbon County Facts

Fact Information
County Seat Fort Scott
Area 639 square miles (1,655 square km)
Population (2020 Census) 14,464
Major Industries Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacturing
Historical Significance Fort Scott National Historic Site
Geography Rolling hills, prairies, and rivers
Education Fort Scott Community College
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1. What is the history of Bourbon County, Kansas?

  • Bourbon County has a rich history, with Fort Scott being a key military outpost during the frontier era. It played a significant role in the Bleeding Kansas conflict before the Civil War. Today, Fort Scott National Historic Site preserves this history.

2. What is the economy of Bourbon County like?

  • The county’s economy is diverse, with agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing playing vital roles. Agriculture includes crops like corn and soybeans, while healthcare and manufacturing sectors provide employment opportunities.

3. What is the population of Bourbon County?

  • According to the 2020 Census, the population of Bourbon County was 14,464.

4. What educational institutions are in Bourbon County?

  • Fort Scott is home to Fort Scott Community College, offering various academic programs and vocational training.

5. Are there any natural attractions in Bourbon County?

  • Bourbon County features rolling hills, prairies, and rivers that make it an attractive destination for nature enthusiasts. There are also parks and recreational areas for outdoor activities.

6. Is there a notable historical site in Bourbon County?

  • Yes, Fort Scott National Historic Site is a significant attraction, preserving the history of the area and its role in the pre-Civil War period.
Bourbon County, Kansas map
Bourbon County, Kansas map

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