Cities and Towns in Barber County, Kansas

A complete list of all the Cities and Towns in Barber County, Kansas

Barber County, Kansas, is located in the south-central part of the state of Kansas, in the United States. Other Kansas counties border the county, which is located in the Great Plains region. The county seat of Barber County is Medicine Lodge, which is a city within the county.


    1. Kiowa
    2. Medicine Lodge


    1. Hardtner
    2. Hazelton
    3. Isabel
    4. Sharon

Barber County Facts

Fact Information
County Seat Medicine Lodge
Area 1,136 square miles (2,940 square km)
Population (2020 Census) 4,366
Major Industries Agriculture, Energy, Tourism
Historical Significance Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Site
Geography Gypsum hills, prairies, and farmland
Education Barber County North School District
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What is the history of Barber County, Kansas?

  • Barber County has a rich history, with the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Site being a significant historical landmark. The county played a crucial role in the settlement of the American West.

What is the economy like?

  • The economy of Barber County is primarily based on agriculture, energy production, and tourism. Cattle ranching, wheat farming, and oil production contribute significantly to the local economy.

Are there any natural attractions?

  • Barber County is known for its stunning Gypsum hills, offering scenic landscapes for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, the county boasts a mix of prairies and farmland.

What is the population of Barber County?

  • As per the 2020 Census, the population of Barber County was 4,366.

What educational institutions are present?

  • The Barber County North School District serves Barber County and offers education to the local population.

Is there a significant historical site in Barber County?

  • Yes, the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Site holds immense historical significance, as it was the location of the Medicine Lodge Treaty negotiations between the U.S. government and several Plains Indian tribes.
Barber County, Kansas map
Barber County, Kansas map