Cities, Towns and Villages in Marshall County, Illinois

Here is a list of all the cities, towns and villages in Marshall County, Illinois

Marshall County, Illinois, where rural charm and natural beauty intersect to create a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere.

Here is a list of all the cities, towns, and villages in Marshall County, Illinois:


  1. Henry
  2. Lacon
  3. Toluca
  4. Wenona


  1. Bell Plain
  2. Bennington
  3. Evans
  4. Henry
  5. Hopewell
  6. Lacon
  7. La Prairie
  8. Richland
  9. Roberts
  10. Saratoga
  11. Steuben
  12. Whitefield


  1. Hopewell
  2. La Rose
  3. Sparland
  4. Varna
  5. Washburn

Unincorporated communities

  1. Camp Grove
  2. Hopewell Estates
  3. La Prairie Center
  4. Lawn Ridge
  5. Leeds
  6. Pattonsburg
  7. Saratoga Center
  8. Wilbern

Quick Facts about Marshall county, Illinois

Here are some quick facts about Marshall county, Illinois:

  • Official Website:
  • County Seat: Lacon
  • Founded: 1839
  • Area: Approximately 399 square miles
  • Population: Around 11,000
  • Geography: Located in north-central Illinois.
  • Economy: Historically tied to agriculture, with contributions from industry and commerce.
  • Notable City: Lacon is the largest city and serves as the county seat.
  • Education: Home to local school districts and Midstate College.
  • Recreation: Offers parks, outdoor activities, and proximity to the Illinois River.
  • Notable Landmarks: Hopewell Mound Group, Lacon City Park, and historical sites contribute to the county’s character.

What is Marshall County WV known for?

  • Marshall County is part of the Wheeling metropolitan area. Marshall County is home to the largest conical burial mound in North America, at Moundsville. Marshall County was formed in 1835 from Ohio County by act of the Virginia Assembly.

Who is Marshall County WV named for?

  • The county was named for John Marshall, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1801–35). The early settlers were astonished by the imposing size of the Grave Creek Mound, at 62 feet high and 240 feet in diameter the largest of the conical mounds built by the prehistoric Adena people.

Who founded Marshall County?

  • Present-day Marshall County was created by the Alabama legislature on January 9, 1836, from Cherokee land acquired in the 1835 Treaty of New Echota. The county was named in honor of John Marshall, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1801 to 1835.