Cities, Towns, and Villages in Cheyenne County, Kansas

A complete list of Cities, Towns, and Villages in Cheyenne County, Kansas

Cheyenne County is located in the northwestern part of the state of Kansas, United States. It is situated in the High Plains region, near the border with Colorado and Nebraska. The county seat of Cheyenne County is St. Francis. To provide a general sense of location, Cheyenne County is approximately 400 miles west of Topeka, the capital of Kansas.


  1. Bird City
  2. St. Francis (County Seat)


  1. Wheeler


Cheyenne County, Kansas, does not officially designate any villages.

Facts about Cheyenne County, Kansas

County Information
County Seat St. Francis
Founded 1886
Named After The Cheyenne Native American Tribe
Area Approximately 1,021 sq. miles
Population 2,578 (as of 2020 Census)
Official Website

What is the history of Cheyenne County, Kansas?

Cheyenne County was founded in 1886 and is named after the Cheyenne Native American Tribe. It has a history tied to agriculture, ranching, and the development of small communities.

Are there any natural attractions in Cheyenne County?

Yes, Cheyenne County boasts natural beauty, with opportunities for outdoor activities. The area is known for its open landscapes and scenic vistas.

Is there a notable event or festival in Cheyenne County?

Cheyenne County may host various local events and festivals throughout the year. Community events often celebrate the county’s heritage and community spirit.

What is the economic base of Cheyenne County?

The economy of Cheyenne County is typically based on agriculture, including farming and ranching. Small businesses also contribute to the local economy.

Cheyenne County, Kansas map and seal
Cheyenne County, Kansas map and seal

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