Cities, Towns and Communities in Daviess County, Indiana


Here is a complete list of cities, towns, plantations, and villages in Daviess County, Indiana


  1. Washington


  1. Elnora
  2. Alfordsville
  3. Cannelburg
  4. Montgomery
  5. Odon
  6. Plainville

Unincorporated Communities

  1. Burns City
  2. Cornettsville
  3. Glendale
  4. Hendricksville
  5. Raglesville
  6. Veale

Quick Facts

  • Location: Daviess County is situated in the southwestern part of the state of Indiana.
  • County Seat: The county seat of Daviess County is Washington.
  • Population: As of my last update in 2022, the estimated population was around 33,000 residents.
  • Area: The county covers an area of approximately 437 square miles.
  • Geography: Characterized by a mix of rural landscapes, agricultural areas, and small towns. Features include agricultural lands, forests, and waterways.
  • Notable Places:
    • Daviess County Courthouse: Located in Washington, the courthouse is a historic site and a prominent landmark in the county.
    • Museum of the Daviess County Historical Society: Showcases the county’s history through various exhibits.
  • Economy: Agriculture, including corn, soybeans, and livestock, plays a significant role in the county’s economy. Manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors also contribute to employment and the local economy.
  • Education: Schools in Daviess County are served by several school districts, including the North Daviess Community Schools and the Washington Community Schools. Higher education opportunities are available in nearby counties and cities.
  • History: Named after Joseph Hamilton Daveiss, a prominent figure in early Indiana history. Historically, it was an area of agricultural development and saw growth with the establishment of towns and transportation routes.
  • Official Website:

What is Daviess County Indiana famous for?

  • Agricultural Heritage: Known for its agricultural contributions, with fertile lands supporting the cultivation of crops like corn and soybeans, as well as livestock farming, reflecting the county’s strong agricultural heritage.
  • Historic Landmarks: Home to significant historical landmarks such as the Daviess County Courthouse in Washington and the Museum of the Daviess County Historical Society, preserving and showcasing the county’s history.
  • Rural Charm: Renowned for its rural landscapes, small-town atmosphere, and community values, attracting residents seeking a peaceful and close-knit environment.
  • Economic Contributions: The county contributes to the state’s economy through various sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail, playing a role in the regional economic landscape.

How big is Daviess County Indiana?

Daviess County, Indiana, covers an area of approximately 437 square miles.

What is the largest town in Daviess County Indiana?

The largest town in Daviess County, Indiana, is Washington, which also serves as the county seat.

Daviess County, Indiana map
Daviess County, Indiana map

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