Cities, Towns, and Communities in Conway County, Arkansas

Here is a complete list of all cities, towns, and unincorporated communities in Conway County, Arkansas:


  1. Morrilton
  2. Plumerville
  3. Oppelo


  1. Menifee

Unincorporated Communities

  1. Center Ridge
  2. Cleveland
  3. Menifee
  4. Solgohachia
  5. Springfield
  6. Mount Olive

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Conway County, Arkansas:

Attribute Information
County Seat Morrilton
Founded October 20, 1825
Named After Henry Wharton Conway, the territorial delegate to the United States Congress
Area Approximately 566 square miles
Population Approximately 20,336
Major River Arkansas River
Main Highways Interstate 40, U.S. Route 64, U.S. Route 65, Arkansas Highway 9
Notable People Pat Boone (Singer and Actor), Albert Christman (Politician)
Notable Places Petit Jean State Park, Museum of Automobiles, Arkansas Nuclear One
Economy Agriculture, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare
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Where is Conway County, Arkansas, located?

  • Conway County is located in the central part of the state of Arkansas, USA.

What is the county seat of Conway County?

  • The county seat of Conway County is Morrilton.

What was the founding date of Conway County?

  • Conway County was founded on October 20, 1825.

What are some of the notable places to visit in Conway County?

  • Tourist attractions in Conway County include Petit Jean State Park, which offers scenic beauty and outdoor activities, the Museum of Automobiles, and the Arkansas Nuclear One power plant.
Conway County, Arkansas map
Conway County, Arkansas map

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