Regions in Djibouti

List of all Regions in Djibouti; here is a list of all the regions:

List of Regions

  1. Arta
  2. Ali Sabieh
  3. Dikhil
  4. Tadjourah
  5. Obock
  6. Djibouti (Capital District)
Djibouti symbols
Djibouti symbols


Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location East Africa, at the southern entrance to the Red Sea
Capital Djibouti
Official Languages French and Arabic
Population Approximately 1 million as of 2021 estimate
Area Approximately 23,200 square kilometers (8,958 square miles)
Geography Coastal and arid landscape with volcanic plateaus
Independence From France on June 27, 1977
Government Unitary dominant-party presidential republic
Currency Djiboutian franc (DJF)
Notable Places Lake Assal (Lowest point in Africa), Gobaad Plain, Mousa Ali
Official Website Not available


What are the 5 regions of Djibouti?

The country has five regions, also known as administrative regions. These regions are listed above.

What are the six regions of Djibouti?

  1. Arta
  2. Ali Sabieh
  3. Dikhil
  4. Tadjourah
  5. Obock
  6. Djibouti

What are the major regions of Djibouti?

Here are the regions and their respective districts:

Arta Region:

  • Arta District

Ali Sabieh Region:

  • Ali Sabieh District
  • Douda District

Dikhil Region:

  • Dikhil District
  • Galafi District

Djibouti Region:

  • Djibouti District

Obock Region:

  • Obock District

Tadjourah Region:

  • Tadjourah District
  • Balho District
  • Dorra District
  • Ghoubet District
  • Goda District
  • Rahaitou District

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