Cities, Towns, Villages and Places in Colquitt County, Georgia

Complete List of Cities, Towns, Villages and Places in Colquitt County, Georgia

Located in the southwestern part of Georgia, Colquitt County stands as a harmonious blend of agricultural richness, small-town charm, and a vibrant community spirit.

Established in 1856 and named after Walter Terry Colquitt, a U.S. senator, the county has grown to become an integral part of the region’s agrarian landscape.

A Complete List of Cities, Towns, Villages, and Places in Colquitt County, Georgia:


  • Moultrie
  • Doerun
  • Ellenton
  • Berlin


  • Norman Park
  • Riverside
  • Funston


  • Bay
  • Ganor
  • New Elm
  • Schley
  • Ticknor
  • Kirkwood
  • Minnesota


  • Center Hill
  • Cool Springs
  • Hartsfield
  • Sigsbee
  • Sunset


Quick Facts about Colquitt County, Georgia:

  • County Seat: Moultrie
  • Founded: Colquitt County was created on February 25, 1856.
  • Named After: Walter Terry Colquitt, a U.S. Senator and prominent figure in Georgia’s history.
  • Area: Colquitt County has a total area of approximately 552 square miles.
  • Population: The population of Colquitt County is around 46,018
  • Geography: Located in southwest Georgia, Moultrie is the largest city and the county seat.
  • Economy: Agriculture, particularly in the production of cotton, peanuts, and poultry, has been historically important. Manufacturing and agribusiness are also significant contributors to the economy.
  • Education: Colquitt County is served by the Colquitt County School District.
  • Official Website:


What is Colquitt GA known for?

  • Colquitt is still known for its diversity of agricultural crops, among them cattle feed, cotton, peanuts, sugar cane, watermelon, corn, wheat, and other grains.

Is Colquitt Georgia a good place to live?

  • The small town atmosphere is good and strong, it just depends on if this appeals to you or not. Small country charm. Lots of local talent for local events. Continuous improvement.

Who was the founder of Colquitt County?

  • Walter T. Colquitt (1799-1855), who died the previous year

What rank is Colquitt County High School?

  • Colquitt County High School is ranked #10,886 in the National Rankings.

How old is the Colquitt County Courthouse?

  • Colquitt County Courthouse is an historic government building constructed in 1902 and located at Courthouse Square in Moultrie, Georgia, the seat of Colquitt County.
Colquitt County, Georgia Map
Colquitt County, Georgia Map

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