Cities, Towns and Villages in Rockland County, New York

Here is a comprehensive list of the cities, towns, villages, and notable hamlets within Rockland County, New York:

City in Rockland County

  1. New City (County seat and a hamlet, not an incorporated city)

Towns in Rockland County

  1. Clarkstown
  2. Haverstraw
  3. Orangetown
  4. Ramapo
  5. Stony Point

Villages in Rockland County

  1. Airmont (Town of Ramapo)
  2. Chestnut Ridge (Town of Ramapo)
  3. Grand View-on-Hudson (Town of Orangetown)
  4. Haverstraw (Town of Haverstraw)
  5. Hillburn (Town of Ramapo)
  6. Kaser (Town of Ramapo)
  7. Montebello (Town of Ramapo)
  8. New Hempstead (Town of Ramapo)
  9. New Square (Town of Ramapo)
  10. Nyack (Town of Orangetown)
  11. Piermont (Town of Orangetown)
  12. Pomona (Partly in the Town of Ramapo and partly in the Town of Haverstraw)
  13. Sloatsburg (Town of Ramapo)
  14. South Nyack (Town of Orangetown)
  15. Spring Valley (Town of Ramapo)
  16. Suffern (Town of Ramapo)
  17. Upper Nyack (Town of Clarkstown)
  18. Wesley Hills (Town of Ramapo)
  19. West Haverstraw (Town of Haverstraw)

Hamlets in Rockland County

  1. Bardonia (Town of Clarkstown)
  2. Blauvelt (Town of Orangetown)
  3. Congers (Town of Clarkstown)
  4. Garnerville (Town of Haverstraw)
  5. Monsey (Town of Ramapo)
  6. Nanuet (Town of Clarkstown)
  7. Pearl River (Town of Orangetown)
  8. Sparkill (Town of Orangetown)
  9. Tappan (Town of Orangetown)
  10. Thiells (Town of Haverstraw)
  11. Tomkins Cove (Town of Stony Point)
  12. Valley Cottage (Town of Clarkstown)

Note that New City is technically a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) within the Town of Clarkstown and serves as the county seat of Rockland County, despite its name suggesting it is a city.

This list includes all the primary administrative divisions within Rockland County, each offering its own unique characteristics and attractions.

Rockland County NY map and seal
Rockland County NY map and seal