List of All Cities in New York

Here’s an alphabetical list of all 62 cities in New York State.

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Alphabetical List of All Cities in New York

  1. Albany
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Auburn
  4. Batavia
  5. Beacon
  6. Binghamton
  7. Buffalo
  8. Canandaigua
  9. Cohoes
  10. Corning
  11. Cortland
  12. Dunkirk
  13. Elmira
  14. Fulton
  15. Geneva
  16. Glen Cove
  17. Glens Falls
  18. Gloversville
  19. Hornell
  20. Hudson
  21. Ithaca
  22. Jamestown
  23. Johnstown
  24. Kingston
  25. Lackawanna
  26. Little Falls
  27. Lockport
  28. Long Beach
  29. Mechanicville
  30. Middletown
  31. Mount Vernon
  32. New Rochelle
  33. New York
  34. Newburgh
  35. Niagara Falls
  36. North Tonawanda
  37. Norwich
  38. Ogdensburg
  39. Olean
  40. Oneida
  41. Oneonta
  42. Oswego
  43. Peekskill
  44. Plattsburgh
  45. Port Jervis
  46. Poughkeepsie
  47. Rensselaer
  48. Rochester
  49. Rome
  50. Rye
  51. Salamanca
  52. Saratoga Springs
  53. Schenectady
  54. Sherrill
  55. Syracuse
  56. Tonawanda
  57. Troy
  58. Utica
  59. Watertown
  60. Watervliet
  61. White Plains
  62. Yonkers

How many cities is in New York?

This is a list of municipalities in New York other than towns, which includes all 533 villages and 62 cities in New York. Of the 533 villages and 62 cities, there are 590 non-town municipalities in New York, plus five coterminous town-villages, villages that are coterminous with their town.

What are the top 3 biggest cities in New York?

What are the 4 largest cities in New York? Below are the biggest cities in the state of NY.

  • New York: 8,804,190
  • Brooklyn: 2,736,074
  • Borough of Queens: 2,272,771
  • Manhattan: 1,487,536

Which city is close to New York?

Which cities are closer to New York? Some of the most popular cities that are close to New York City are:

  • New Rochelle
  • Jersey City
  • Hoboken
  • Elizabeth

They are all approximately an hour’s commute by train or car

What is the nicest city in New York?

Best Places to Live in New York, According to Experts

  • Albany
  • Syracuse
  • New York City
  • Buffalo
  • Rochester

What cities are on the outskirts of New York?

  • Bronxville
  • Greenwich
  • Weehawken
  • Kent
  • Farmingdale
  • Darien
  • Montclair
  • New Canaan

Which is the capital city of New York?

Albany is the capital (1797) of the state of New York, U.S., and the seat (1683) of Albany County. It lies along the Hudson River, 143 miles (230 km) north of New York City.

What’s the richest city in New York?

What Is the Richest City in New York? The No. 1 richest city in New York state is Brookeville, a small town of 733 households situated on the North Shore of Long Island (likely not far from the area that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s West Egg and East Egg in The Great Gatsby)

Is New York every 4 hours behind London?

The time difference between London and New York is 5 hours. New York City is located in the UTC-5 time zone; during the summer, it becomes UTC-4. The United Kingdom is therefore ahead of New York. This means that when it is midnight in New York, it is already 05:00 in the UK.

Is New Jersey next to New York?

New Jersey is bordered on its north and east by New York state; on its east, southeast, and south by the Atlantic Ocean; on its west by the Delaware River and Pennsylvania; and on its southwest by Delaware Bay and Delaware.